Sunday, November 30, 2008

Digital Dreams

I have been checking out all of the "sales" for my Christmas shopping, and you know, I'm ALWAYS drawn to the cameras. You know, big-beautiful-professional looking cameras like the Canon Powershot. But what is so sad, even if I got this amazing piece of equipment, I wouldn't know the first thing about using it.

My little brother is a professional photographer, and after seeing all of his amazing pictures of his kids (yeah, his wife is a pro too) the green eyed monster starts welling up in my gut! I do cute things with my kids, and my pictures are garbage. How I would love to not only own a professional camera, but also to have the know how to actually use it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Moment On The Future

Schaweet!! That is all I can say! You may remember a few days back I was talking about finding a new insurance company to get an umbrella policy under. I found one that was such a great price, and even better after we added life insurance quotes!

I've thought a lot about life insurance but because we are pretty young, and relatively healthy, but you know...if something were to happen to one of us, the other would be TOAST! Me for income, the hubby for child care and the running of the house. So it was nice to be forced to sit down and think about the future, and plan for those moments that no one really wants to think about!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Setting Some Goals

I mentioned watching the Biggest Loser two weeks ago, and how I despise the "troll" Vicky!! I was amazed watching it last night, that the people going home have lost like 75 pounds in 3 months, and that's not with the help of Tonalin or anything like it. Just good old fashioned exercise--I would LOVE to exercise more...but I don't! How bad is that?

I have a treadmill that I was pumped up and excited to use, until we moved, and it ended up in the basement! It weighs a ton, but I'm going to see if I can't get it up to the master bedroom this week so I can walk while I watch "my shows". I know, that's bad...but honestly, it's not getting any use hangin' in the empty, cold basement!!

That is my goal for the week!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What A Week!

I wrote last week about Butch coming to live with us. I have to say, after a few days with him...I'm exhausted! There is no need for a fat-burner like Fenphedra in this house, this puppy has us all wiped out!

Have you seen the dogs that run the agility courses? THIS is the kind of thing Butch would be amazing at. Sadly, I don't know where one is around here...and I don't know how much they cost.

My husband is 6'2" and if he holds a dog treat in his fingers with his arm straight out to the side, this dog can totally jump and get it. From the ground. Without a running start! It's absolutely amazing. Tiring...and amazing!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Budget Friendly

I have been online checking out auto insurance quotes this week. The minor (not my fault) fender bender a few years back, has just dropped off. So it's the perfect time to find something more affordable.

I've narrowed it down to two companies. One will be cheaper if we can get our home owners insurance covered with them as well (I'll have to let you know) and the other won't do our home owners policy, but will be cheaper if the first company can't either!

Honestly, how do people work 40 hour work weeks, and take care of the house as well? I have endless days ahead of me, and I'm still drowning in errands!

Monday, November 24, 2008


We only have 2 days off this week for Thanksgiving. I was unhappy at first because my sisters kids have the whole week off, which would mean some "sleep in" time for me, but as it works out I need to find a new desk for my computer, and shopping for office furniture with my 4 year old is never fun. So I can drop him off at Pre-K, and head out. Currently the computer I use lives in my kitchen. It resides on a bakers rack that is not only falling apart, but is also too high to comfortably type on.

But because it takes up the corner of the kitchen, I would like something much smaller, to keep the room from closing in around us.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Butch's New Home!

We have a new puppy, Butch. Sadly we are not prepared for this! We have hedges that surround our property and in the summer it works as a great barrier between our yard and the neighbors, but with fall in full swing and winter coming on, the hedges are barren and the puppy has no problem finding his way out of the yard. I've looked into pvc fence installation, and it looks like the perfect solution for us. It's cheap, and easy, and the whole thing can be installed the same day. I was originally looking into one of those underground fences, but I wasn't thrilled with the idea of shocking the poor little thing if he crossed the line, so we had to look into something else.

I'll have to let you know how it works out for us!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fixing A Broken Drain??

How do fix a bathtub drain? The faucet works great, but when you lift the little drain plug switch, nothing happens. Our upstairs bathroom has 3 inches of water from yesterday's baths that I can't get to drain. I've looked it up online on a few sites, but I haven't been able to find anything that helps. I SOOOOOOO don't want to call a plumber, I can't afford that this week! I may have to just bite the bullet and unscrew the face plate to see if there is something I can figure out by looking at it. If not, it isn't a problem that can wait, so I will have to call someone.

Any ideas??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Parties & Gifts

I got a phone call today inviting us to another Christmas party. Now I'm one that normally minds a ton of holiday plans, seeing that they are my most favorite part of the year. But with 15 parties on tap from the hotel's employee party on down to our New Years Eve party...I think I'll be swilling dietpills and eggnog just to get my waistline through it all.

The one thing I do have to do in the coming weeks is figure out what homemade gift I'm giving this year. Last year was cookie mix in a jar. The year before that it was homemade caramel sauce and sinful hot fudge. If I had been smart earlier in the year, I would have stocked up on my homemade raspberry jam, it is AMAZING!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Little Princess!

I have a little princess here! It's hard not to be when you are the only girl in a family with three brothers. What is so cute, and uniquely her-she is a tomboy princess! It would not ever be a surprise to find her playing in the mud wearing a tiara. That is just how she is. There is some really cute "blingy" items of wholesale fashion jewelry that I'm looking at for a stocking stuffer or two for her.

There is a cute bracelet with a heart lock and a little key. That is just her. Cute, sweet and all around precious! I'll have to show it to my husband to see what he thinks. It's a go for me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hubby Thoughts

What do you give the man that has everything he wants? It's not necessarily EVERYTHING, but there isn't anything that the man wants! I would love to find something for just him,whether it was clothing or one of those Victorinox swiss army watches. Do you wanna know my brilliant idea? A new PS2, a game or two and a locking toolbox to keep his stash away from the kids! We have had so many PS2's in our house, but each one has met it's demise at the hands of the little ones. So something that he can keep all his own, in perfect condition, that would be perfect!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snow Already?

I drove home today in the snow! How cool is that? I told my husband yesterday that he may just come home to find that his house was all decked out for Christmas, but it just didn't feel like it was time. Now with the snow, I'm thinking the tree may just go up tomorrow! Sadly, I think I will have to spend that time cleaning out the garage so that we can get both of our cars into it. Otherwise, I'll need to invest in some car covers so that we don't have freeze our rear ends off cleaning off the snow every morning.

The one problem I have is that there is a love seat and two recliners waiting to go to the dump, sadly we've never gotten them there and two cars won't fit in as long as they are there. I'll have to see if a sticker will do for the trash man, otherwise we'll have to rent a truck to get them outta here!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Twilight Is Coming

Have you ever heard of downloadable audio books? I have actually never even listened to an audio book. But I've always been pretty intrigued by them. I just found out that the "Twilight" saga is being banned from being downloaded. Again, something just a little intriguing!

I LOVE the Twilight series, and even have a group of friends lined up to make it to the movie opening night. I just wish there were more books coming in the near future.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hmmmmm, Maybe!!

Have you seen the billboards around talking about franchise opportunity? There is one I see everyday on my way home from the kids school. I've never been one to really think of myself as a business owner, but I have to say it's sounds so exciting. My brother in law runs a major restaurant here in the Chicago area, and honestly there is a ton of work that goes into it. I'm not sure I could handle one on my own, but how fun does a little family business sound??

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

How was your Halloween? Ours here was pretty hectic! Four kids, four different costumes, four different ages. One group wanting to run ahead, while a 3 year old assumes he's finally old enough to cross the street on his own (without looking both ways!!) But along with four kids comes four kids worth of candy! There will be alli diet pills in the not too distant future...for all of us!

Although it was a hectic there any other time when running around willy nilly in funny costumes ringing doorbells and collecting gobs of candy? What isn't awesome about this holiday? Especially with two little ones that can hardly wait to get to the next door. Too fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Thougths

Have you started thinking about Halloween yet? I would find that a foolish question, but it's only 2 weeks away, so I guess if you haven' better start! I'm still working on ideas for the kids. The youngest will probably be Handy Manny. My daughter would like to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. My 8 year old would like to be something gruesome--not my style, and my 11 year old is trying to decided if it's something he'd like to do or not. He has until Wednesday to make his final decision.

Do you, as the parent, dress up for Halloween to? Or leave it to your kids? I never really have. I've had much more fun dressing them up and parading them around than I would ever have putting my own large body in something. I'm not sure this holiday will be any different!


A few days ago I wanted to take a picture of some of the upgrades we've done to our house. As I went to snap the photo the screen had a message that the internal memory was full. That could only mean that I was missing a compact flash card. I sooooooooooo didn't want to go all the way in the house for a card, and they aren't kept anywhere that my kids can find them easily. So I did the easiest thing I could think of, I cleared the memory and took my photo's.

It wasn't until much later that I realized I wasn't smart enough to get the dumb photo's out of the internal memory. We don't have the cords needed to hook the camera up to the computer, and I was feeling rather foolish for my laziness.

I had to call my husband and go through the owner's manual TWICE before finding one little sentence on page 18 that tells you that all you have to do is insert a flash card---and hit back up on the menu! Yes, it only takes about 10 seconds...and it took me about 2 hours to figure it out!

Growing Up Fast

The name of this blog is Wild & Crazy Ride. I named it because it deals so much with the ups and downs of family life in my house. It seems like just yesterday my oldest son was asking for Yugi-oh cards and Game Boy games, and now he's asking for MP3 players and Cell Phones.

It's not that he's too young for this kind of stuff to be intriguing, he'll be 11. I'm just wondering where the past 5 years went! They seemed to have whipped by in no time at all. Soon he'll have no interest in the new things, and be more worried about borrowing the car keys and borrowing money for dates.

It's nothing new that our kids grow up so fast, but it is new to me. I'm just not quite ready to see him heading off to college just yet!

Auto Immune Problems

The doctors are thinking that some of my head problems are being caused by an underlying Auto Immune Disease. One possible option is something called Ankylosing Spondylitis which has to do with the lower vertebrae in the spine fusing together. The reason this makes sense to me is because I have terrible pain in my lower back. Even when I'm just standing at the sink, slightly bending over, the pain is so great that I have to stop and rest on the counter top. Walking even shorter distances is uncomfortable and running is out of the question.

I keep wondering if a good pair of sturdy walking shoes would make a difference, but I wasn't so sure until I saw the new MBT shoes. They are called the Anti-Shoe, and they actually work to promote better poster and even help with some of the jarring that the joints go through in daily activity. No, I don't know that this particular auto immune problem is the one that I have, but if something could help that lower back pain when I'm standing at the sink or even pushing a stroller, it would be amazing to find!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Beans

Have you had green bean casserole? You know the one with mushroom soup and crispy fried onions. I LOVE that! But I've never really known the recipe to make it. I mean, I know the ingredients but not the amounts. I love that you can find easy green bean recipes online. Especially since I have so many cans of green beans--case lot sales and all!! But I need more than one recipe to try them out with! Who knows, I may just be back sharing another favorite really soon!


My husband and I have been arguing recently about the need the get a home warranty. They are something that we've had in the past and have been saved so many times from the expenses in replacing a garage door, an air conditioning compressor, even the washer and dryer were covered. But since we moved into this house, we haven't had one. Everything seems to be working really good for now, but you just know that the first time money gets tight everything is going to start breaking down! Who wouldn't want to be prepared for that?

Such A Strange Dilema!!

A friend of mine put out a survey to see what kind baby bedding she should use for her new baby. What struck me odd was that she has a four year old daughter who just can't seem to share her crib with the soon to be baby, so they are buying a second crib. Are you kidding me? Who does that? Step in and be the four she's hopefully not sleeping in the crib, so just let her know how the game is going to be played! I had four kids move through my one crib and it was still seemingly wasteful to throw it out before we moved out. It was in great condition and yet, out it went! Step MOM up!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not On His Arm

Have you seen the beautiful Nautica watches? I would love to get my husband a beautiful watch that he would be proud to wear, but he's put his foot down since the day we got married. According to him...he will only wear a watch when he has purchased himself a Rolex! Four kids, a mortgage and weddings and colleges to pay for? I just don't think he'll ever wear a watch!


Yesterday was "Back To School" night for my kids. We headed over to the school a little late, and since everyone was calm I took the opportunity to bring up a bargain for them for their grades. I said, "If you guys get straight "A"s, I will give you..." and both boys piped in with an answer. Grayson threw out a PSP and Jacob threw out a PS3! I'm sorry...I was just going to offer full rights to a video game they hadn't quite earned yet, and they jumped straight to the big kahuna! It's not likely going to happen their way, I'm just hoping for good grades!

We Found Them All

Last weekend we went to Schaumburg to celebrate Septemberfest. They had an amazing firework display, but while we were waiting for it I had to think of a way to keep my kids occupied. We were sitting in the parking lot of a strip mall across the street and as I looked at the storefront signs in the front windows it dawned on me. We started looking for each letter of the alphabet in all of the different shops. I KNEW we weren't going to find all of the letters...what were the chances? But with shops with such neon names as "Boutique" and "Pizza" we were well on our way to finishing up the task. Until we hit "X"! Where in the world would an X be? Well, after a second or two my middle son saw an exit sign through the window of a Chinese buffet...what are the odds of that?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Vintage Fun

My in laws cleaned out the attic of my husband's grandmothers house. They found two antique espresso machines, or at least espresso makers. They are so cute, and she has them both sitting above her stove. They look like little tiny teapots on top of a metal cup. I don't know quite how they work, but they are from Italy and very important to my mother in law.

One looks a little like this one, and the other is shaped the same but looks more porcelain and it's painted with delicate flowers. Something nice for Ebay in my opinion!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sun Scars & Skin Problems!!

When I was really little I refused to let my mother put sunscreen on my face. Because of it I have a sun damaged line across my nose. Normally it's not a big deal because I can wear make up to cover it up, but the problem comes into being because I get a ton of nose blackheads right across the line. I have tried everything from cleansers to moisturizers and everything in between. I was thinking it was finally time to resort to the good old Elmer's glue to pull them all up! I'm getting desperate!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Philadelphia has been my favorite city since the first time I saw it when I was 12! I always wanted to visit, and I always wanted to live there. There are so many Philadelphia jobs available, that it wouldn't be too hard to find something, but making the move would be hard. This is the third state we've lived in in 11 years, and the kids are finally starting to put down roots. As much as I would love to have the opportunity to live in that beautiful area, if we are making any moves...I'm heading West!

Feelin' Sexy!

When you wear plus size lingerie, it's hard to get in that frisky mood with your husband! The poor thing! I would love to wear a little baby doll and look cute, but after four's not the best thing in the world! I would like to get healthy, and maybe if I start now, I'll be in the right shape to wear the sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day!


My father in law is getting one of those medical id bracelets. I've seen them all my life, I know what they are for. But I have to admit, they have never been all that cool looking. That is until now! My father in law showed me this online catalog that he got to chose from. These little bracelets were works of art. Gold and gemstones?? I want me one of them! He chose something a little more befitting a man nearing 65, but it was still so much cooler than the olden days!

My Baby!

Have you ever done a market research survey? I've done a couple over the phone, but we have them here in town and we actually go in and look at products and then fill out a survey. Those are the most fun...and they pay a lot better. This week my son gets to go in and take a survey. This one tests whether or not he is able to turn on a lighter. He's supposed to fail...and I can tell you, he's not going to take that lightly! He is a perfectionist, failure is NOT an option!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I think it's strange how doing something random one day can trigger a memory from something that happened a long time ago. Today I was watching my little girl playing dress up, and it threw me back to my fifth or sixth birthday. We had a dress up party and then had a parade around the neighborhood. Even my little brother dressed up in one of my mom's dresses and floppy hats of the era. I don't remember much else about the party---but it would have been 31 years ago...what a memory!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Sick, AGAIN!!

I'm sick again! It doesn't seem like it's all that often that I can write that I'm not sick! This is the third illness in as many weeks! Today, I have my "sexy" voice. That just means that the congestion has moved to my lungs, and my voice is finally beginning to be affected. I haven't been to the doctor but I'm wondering if I should be looking into a Blueair purifier. Could something in this air be making me sick constantly?? I'm the only one in the family affected with constant sickness, it just makes it hard with four kids being left to tend to themselves while mom is incapacitated!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Does anyone know how to get a soon to be three year old to leave the bathroom faucets alone? I swear, once he learned how to wash his hands and brush his teeth I've walked into a flooded bathroom daily. I've even decided to put chain locks at the top of the door. Low enough that the older kids can get themselves in, but too high for his little hands to reach! Sadly, I'm sure if I do that, he'll use his "Spidey-senses" and find a way to climb the wall to unlock the door! Any ideas??

Family Ties

Speaking of my brother and sister in law...they've always been people we love to hang out with. We always tried to schedule our Orlando vacations together. Two years ago we hit Jackson Hole together. They are just fun people that we enjoy immensely. Sadly, they live across the country from us, so unless we are planning an exotic get-a-way, we don't really get the chance to spend as much time with them as we'd like. When we lived in Arizona, they were the ones who came down every year to see us. Since we've moved here to Chicago, they haven't come once. Not that we can complain, we are the ones that moved!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

House Shopping!!

My brother and his wife are looking at new homes. They are relatively well off, and if they can sell their current home, they are in the market for something amazing. They found a million dollar house that they want and can get for 1/2 price due to the housing market. This house is huge and has a ton of sinks throughout. There is even one in the formal dining room--I've never heard of that! Each bathroom has two and in two of the bathrooms they each have their own vanity. I hope they love it--it just seems like more to clean in my mind. But their kids are older than mine, so I'm hoping they'll be able to help out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still Working At It

The weight loss pills I've been taking haven't been as bad as I've been worried about. Usually I get a fuzzy head, but I have worked to keep the dosage low enough that I don't get the side effects, but high enough to actually help. The normal dosage is 8 a day and I take 5, so it's not that much lower but I feel great! My big 2 week weigh in is Sunday--so I'm hoping it will show something amazing!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Boarding Woes

We are heading north in two weeks to the Land of the Waterslide! Kind of funny how the Dells are considered the capitol of waterslides. I have made an appointment with the kennel for the dogs and am trying to figure out what dog supplies I need to take for them. The people that run the place say that we can bring whatever we want. The last time we took their favorite toys we got them back in less than usable condition. I would take their puppy beds, but they will probably be doused in disinfectant and most likely garbage by the time I get them home. So I'm thinking a favorite toy is all they are going to get--I'm a bad mom!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Dangerous World Outside

My parents were on a cruise recently in South America. As they were walking back to the ship my mother had an uneasy feeling about two men following them. Unlike me, who would have walked faster or ran back to the boat, my mother made it look like she had wanted to look in a store they had just passed and turned to face the men head on. Brave lady! She could see in their face they were taken a back, and she and my dad waited at the window of the store until she saw them men ahead crossing the street. As they sat at dinner that night they found out that several people had been mugged on their way back to the ship. No, there is no proof that these men would have mugged my parents, but my mom has a very good "gut feeling" and I'm sure they were up to no good! My dad always uses a Pacsafe waist wallet, but I'm not sure they wouldn't have known where to look. Many tourists use many different items to hide their valuables, and I wonder if the muggers know just where to look. I'm just glad my parents made it home safe and sound, and with all of their belongings!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yearly Birthday Gifts

Last year for my father in laws birthday we gave him a California wine club membership. I knew he enjoyed it, but you know men, they never gush about things. So I didn't know how much he liked it. With his birthday coming up soon, I was talking to my mother in law about possible gift ideas. I didn't realize he was listening to our conversation (most men don't) but he leaned over and asked for the same gift as last year. I guess he's really enjoying it, and that was all the "gush" I needed!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Big Box Of Nothing

Are you anything like me? As I clean the house I put things that don't go in a room in a box and then move that box into another room and keep adding to it. Then we sit and take the items in the box and put them away. I'm usually left with a ton of items in the box that I don't know what to do with. CAT5e cables, different craft items, kids things...but I don't have a specific place for them. So they sit, until the next time I clean and the box gets added to. By the time we moved to this house the box was full of stuff. Some items I had been looking for, others just junk. I'm wondering if something doesn't have a space...should I just throw it out?

Paperwork Needs??

I'm trying to find somewhere fun to take my husband for a romantic weekend away! Ok, so the Hockey Hall of Fame may not be that romantic...but he'll be really excited! My question is this, for travel between the U.S. and Canada do we need a passport? Or is it still just a drivers license? In Mexico you used to just have to say your country of origin, but now they require much more paperwork. I just don't know if Canada is the same way. If a passport is required, then I think it will be the Baseball Hall of Fame this year!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Money Making Money

My Aunt Peggy has been working off and on as a day trader for many years. She does pretty good for herself and if I was a bit more adventurous with our money, I would join her! I'm not sure what the difference is between a day trader and a futures broker, but this is an area I want to learn more about. We don't have any investments other than our house and honestly, I don't think it's making us that much money! I don't even know where to start. Maybe I should go back to school and get a degree in Finance.

More Memory Needed

We are leaving on our trip north in less than two weeks. The kids are excited and I actually have everything I need for a great week away. I do want to find another micro sd for my camera. Since I won't have my computer in Wisconsin, I won't be able to download my photo's and clear my card to take more. So it's just easier to take a couple and bring them both home full. That way I don't miss a minute of the fun!

Who Knew!!

Are you as clueless as me? My husband's birthday is coming up on the 25th of the month and to surprise him I found an amazing deal on a flat screen TV. These are something that he's always shown interest in, so I know he'll love it! I called my brother in law to have him help me get it home and set up. Everything was going really well until he asked me for a mount. Eh hem!! What?? Apparently you need to have one of those cool mounts from Peerless to attach the thing to the wall! Well, I didn't have one and I didn't want my husband to see his gift if it wasn't in it's place showing off it's perfectness! So I sent the thing home with my brother in law who will pick up whatever I need and come back tomorrow when my husband is at work to finish the installation! Yep...I'm a ditz!

Health Food Stores

My son has a little digestion problem. Little isn't really what the problem is...but he requires the use of enzymes to help his body digest all of the foods he takes in. When these enzymes are lacking he will literally clog the toilet every time he uses it! I have been out of his pills for a week or so, and had forgotten all about them, until I walked upstairs to see that not one, but two of the toilets are clogged! So today, with my GNC coupons in hand, I'm heading off to the health food store to purchase his enzymes. I'm hoping this is a problem he grows out of, but I'm thinking it may be something he'll be dealing with for the rest of his life. Poor thing!

Housing Woes

My sister and her husband have been talking to tons of mortgage lenders over the past several months. They just bought a house last September and their mortgage was written so oddly that they've been working to refinance it ever since. Sadly, with the housing market the way it is, no one is getting loans. They have $50,000 down and still can't get a loan for $200,000! What in the world? Even if they didn't have perfect credit, the down payment alone should give any lender some confidence!

Baby Horses

Some family friends own a horse farm nearby and just welcomed a baby horse. My kids were so excited to be able to get up close and personal with this new little guy. He's a bit skittish, but when his mom is around, he's fine. What darling animals these babies are. It made me want to take one home! Mind you, I don't live in an area zoned for horses. I don't have property big enough for horses. I don't own any saddles or other tack items necessary to care for a horse. And the biggest lack...time and energy to care for such a beautiful animal! So I will just have to spend time up at the horse farm to get my fill!

Summer Plans

I have been online looking up travel guides for different destinations nearby. That is what's nice about living in the Chicago area. We are only an hour away from Wisconsin and Indiana, and only 2-3 hours outside of Michigan. Throw Illinois into that and we can have a summer full of fun destinations while not going crazy with the gas budget! We are going to be spending a week in Wisconsin, just North of the Dells. There is a campground/water park that we visit every year. The kids can't wait!

Be Prepared

My goal for this month is to find affordable term life insurance for myself and my husband. There isn't much left in the budget monthly but this is an expense that I think is necessary. We have four kids and with either one of us missing from the picture, the other will be left with nothing. We'll need enough to pay off the home as well as provide for some educational expenses for the kids. I don't need millions of dollars, but enough to keep us afloat while we get our bearings back. My husband would be the worst off, he would need to find child care so that he could work, and that alone can break any budget!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting Healthy

I have been on a quest to get healthy! With that will come weight-loss and other fun things, but health is the main thing I'm going for! I need to incorporate a little exercise and better meal plans---and maybe even some Anoretix to help kick the weight-loss into gear! We have a dog that needs to be walked and if I can get that scheduled into the evening hours after it cools down, I should be able to get some good walking time in. I do have a treadmill---it's just hard to get motivated to get downstairs to use it. I'll need to change that too!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Medical Needs

I need to get my oldest into the doctor to have a look at his spine. Before we lost our medicare insurance he was diagnosed with Scoliosis. We took him to a chiropractor to try to get him straight...long story short (and expensive) we got nuthin'!! So now that he is fully insured again, we need to start looking at just what the problem might be and how to correct it for him. I keep hoping to get it started before his growth spurt I better act soon!

Vay-Cay Or Stay??

Have you started making your summer plans? I know, it's nearing the end of June...but we are still trying to work ours out. Do we take a vacation with the family to somewhere fun for the kids? Or do we drop them off and head to a Hilton Head rental for some "Marriage Therapy" time? I'm happy either way! I don't know why. A vacation of any sort means more of my time will be required. Laundry to go--house to clean before we leave---laundry to do when we get's a never ending cycle! How about we just stay home, and spend the money we would have spent on a maid service once a week??? Sounds positively heavenly to me!!

My Scrapbook Goal In Life

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you are probably well aware of what I would love to have for my living room. I have four kids and my goal is to have a digital frame for each of them. Each one going in chronological order showing my kids growing up before my eyes (kinda sad to think about it that way). But since I don't keep up very well with my scrapbooking, this would be a great way for them to get to see their lives in pictures! As of yesterday...I'm halfway there! My husband surprised me with frame number 2 yesterday evening. No reason. No special event. Nothing! He was just out at the office supply store for work and saw one on the shelf and thought of me. What a sweetheart!!

Foodie Fest '08

My husband's hotel is playing home base to a big convention coming to town for the food industry. My brother in law will be coming, in a work related capacity. But my sister is just coming to collect the goodies. You know promotional pens, t shirts, food samples! She's talked me into going with her, but since there are no strollers allowed, I will have to sit this one out. I hope she brings me a present from one of the booths---and enters me into the drawing for the wheat grinder...that's what I'm hoping for!

Livin' Large In Reno

My brother in law has been living in Reno for the past 18 months. He's had a lot of trouble in his life with drug abuse and addiction as well as being bipolar and manic depressive--the poor thing. Well this week he finally is moving back into an apartment of his own. He's been living in a variety of reno hotels after losing his last apartment due to not paying his rent. He still hasn't found the help he needs to conquer his demons, so I'm not to hopeful about this newest part of his life---but I really do wish him all the best!

Friday, June 20, 2008

How Times Have Changed

I've been amazed over the past couple of years at the growing rate of different cancers. Ones that I'd never heard of before like mesothelioma and other new ones. My family has a huge background in colon cancer and therefore we have the joy of having Colonoscopies once a year! When I was growing up, I don't remember knowing anyone with cancer--and now I know many who have died from it--or are lucky enough to be counted among the survivors. It's just sad and scary!

Going Home

I just found out that we will be taking turns throughout the family caring for my husband's grandmother who was just released from the hospital. She will need constant care, and with the number of family members there to help, it shouldn't be to hard. Although, I come with 4 kids---I don't think she'll get much rest done while I'm there! They are working on getting a handicapped ramp up to her front door and a walk in tub in her bathroom. She is able to walk, but not without great assistance, so the idea of a wheelchair to help us get her from one place to another will be instrumental in our success with her rehab! I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Can't Afford Life

Money seems to be getting tighter and tighter. First with the fuel prices, and now everything else filters down. The only thing that doesn't keep up with the rising...salaries! We still make exactly the same amount as we did before, and slowly, we are losing everything! It's about time to look for a small business opportunity to be able to bring a little extra income into the house. If not, we'll lose it, and we'll be moving home to Utah before too long!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Birthdays Are Coming

My husband's birthday is coming up in a few weeks (after Father's Day) and we've been trying to find the perfect gift for him. The boys want a PS2 game, he needs new video cards, and I want to get him (us) a little get away downtown for the weekend. A weekend with room service and no there a better gift anywhere? Kate really wants to get him his favorite candy bar, Peanut Butter Cups, and I'm not too sure what Brett wants to get him. But before we can focus on birthday gifts, we have to get Father's Day out of the way!!

Poochy Tummy

We spent the afternoon at my in laws house with their swimming pool. I was surprised at how well my kids adjusted back into the "swimming scene", but mostly I was surprised by the little pooch in my tummy that is just a bit bigger than it was last year! Now that is just not acceptable, but understandable considering the fact that we pretty much hibernate during the winter months. But now it's time to find the top fat burners out there, and take care of this problem quickly!

Financial Control!!

June 21st brings the renewal of our car insurance. We've been with the same company for over 5 years, yet every 6 months the husband decides it's time to do an auto insurance comparison. Then inevitably, we renew with the same old company! It's like a little control dance we play every 6 months. I control the finances in the house, I pay the bills. But every so often he feels like he needs to dip his toe in and test the waters. Once he realizes that we are running like a well oiled machine, he takes his leave and the universe returns to it's normal, functioning self!

Still Moving??

We moved in to this house a couple of years ago, and did you know that there are still moving boxes in the basement? Still packed and unopened from the move. What's up with that?? This summer my goal is to get through the entire basement and get everything put together correctly. If the box hasn't been opened in 2 years, we must not need the contents!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Too Old For This

I'm going to take a moment to complain yet again! My birthday is coming up, and I'll be 37 years old. That is just too old to still be living with zits! Honestly, weren't they supposed to head for the hills when I "grew up"? I've been waiting and trying every all the new natural acne treatments I can find, but nothing seems to work. I wash, rinse, mask and moisturize every night, but to no avail! I guess it's time to find something new!

The Book Club

I've been a member of an online book club, and have really enjoyed getting back into reading books. Last month we read a book called "Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale, and it was wonderful. Luckily there are two books left in the trilogy, so I will be picking them both up later today to read. With kids you can forget just how nice it is to take a few moments and get lost in a whole 'nother world! I'm really enjoying it.

The Weight Battle

My sister has been looking into weight loss supplements. So much has been said in the past few years about Phentermine. Many people have relied on it for weight loss, and it's one of the best prescription weight loss aids. But there are so many "fakers" out there that it's to be sure what you are getting. I've never been one to take diet pills, I get 'woozy', but it's nice to know there is information out there for people who do want them!

My Tomboy Niece

My brother and sister in law are looking into getting a medical bracelet for my niece. She's just little but is violently allergic to several medications. She is such a rough and tumble kid, (has 3 brothers to keep up with)that they are just sure once she starts school in the fall, and they aren't around she'll get herself hurt on the playground. (yes, they wanted a bicycle helmet for her when she started walking) Medical bracelets have come a long way since I was a kid. Now you can find some that really look like jewelry, and I think they will be perfect for a little girl.

Anniversary Plans

I have been looking for hotel deals in downtown Chicago. Our anniversary is coming up soon, and I'm planning a little trip away with "the man"! Not far away mind you, there are four kids to worry about. But a quick trip downtown will be fun and relaxing. When you live in the suburbs you don't get to the city as often as you think you would, and it really is a whole little world all it's own. I would love to stay 2 nights, but I think one will be pushing it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Almost Lost Them

I have to say, I have often been guilty of taking my computer memory for granted! I have been trying to find a way to get my computer to work faster. So I dumped all of my photo's onto a memory stick. Mind you, it was working great, but I never felt too comfortable deleting the files completely off of my hard drive. Yeah, I know, it defeats the whole purpose...but it was a good thing. Today I needed one of the photo's, so I stuck the memory stick into the port, and you know didn't work! Phew! So I hurried to my recycle bin and restored all of my photo files back to their original space! You never can be too sure about the safety of your photos!!


Tomorrow I will be spending the day helping a neighbor friend pack up her house following a divorce. The whole situation is sad, especially with her having kids. So the least I can do is head over and help her pack some boxes. She is luckily having movers come in on Tuesday to pack up all of her furnishings and things until her apartment is ready to move into the end of May. I was happy to hear there were movers coming because she's got some really heavy things. She got the huge TV in the divorce as well as her refrigerator, platform beds, and all of her dining room furniture. I really wouldn't be able to help much with the heavy stuff, so we'll leave that to them! I'm a little worried about my own house. It's in dire need of de-cluttering, and I'll be spending yet another day out of the house. Not a good thing!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Moving Quick, Again

We just found out that more of our neighbors are moving. New York movers will be here on Monday to clear them out. What makes this, and the previous three moves, so strange is the fact that we find out about the move 3 days before it happening. This one is at least going on at a normal time. The last three all moved out at midnight, and only 2 days after they told us they were moving. We just moved here, and we gave all of our neighbors a few months notice before moving. I'm just confused as to how you keep it a secret for so long and then just up and move? Or is it just as surprising to them as it is to us?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Living Plain

I watched a show on TV last night about a family of 13. They were a very peculiar family to me but not because of how plainly they lived. What was strange was that they were happy! Mind you, they may have edited out the discord, but the entire show was just very much centered on how great they all get a long. They don't have much in the way of money, but they honestly don't appear to need it. They have a ton of farm animals, but don't use them for their milk and eggs, hmmmm, I would at least do that!

The oldest child was 21, but looked 16, and the baby is 18 months old! That's a huge rainbow of ages. They do drive a big green van, but if that breaks down, they will need to find a bus for sale!

All 11 of the kids were smart, sweet and talented. I'm not saying I want to move out to the middle of nowhere and live the plain life. But they looked happier than most people I've met in my life!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Branson Fun!!

My in laws are heading South this next weekend! Heading off to some Branson resorts. I've never been to Missouri, other than to an airport for refueling, but they didn't let us off of the plane, so I don't think that counts. There are amazingly fun things going on in Branson, and before we move West again, I would like to see it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Failed Again

My father in law just went in for a stress test last week. What was strange about this stress test is that they actually let him go home. They never do that. He is usually sent immediately to a room in the hospital with an angioplasty set up for that evening or the next day. We thought this was great because it meant that he finally passed a stress test!


He was called this morning and admitted to the hospital for a angioplasty. He's not that old,64, but had a quintuple bypass about 15 years ago. I'm not sure how much time he has left but I do think it's time to get some life insurance quotes. I don't mean a million bucks, but enough to cover the costs of his final requests. It's not a bad idea to get it for my husband either. He's not even 40 yet, but hey, it's all in the genetics right?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't Mess With Texas!!

My aunt just returned from a trip to Texas. I've been to Texas twice in my life, well, I've been to the Houston airport and we spent the night in Dallas after we took a bump flying home. I've always wanted to see Texas. I've heard great things about San Antonio. I would love to see Austin. Texas is too big to see all in one trip--but see it I plan to do! I wouldn't mind looking into Corpus Christi real estate. A home away from home--but only after the first home is paid off!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Birthday Wish

My husband has been asking lately what I would like to get for my birthday. Normally I'm pretty easy. I want pillows. Not just any pillows though, mine cost about $75.00 and are made of down. This makes them plushy and snuggly! This year however, I think I'm leaning toward a down comforter to go with all of my plushy pillows. Truly, I've never slept better than with these pillows. There are nights when my husband beats me to bed, and I will come in and he's stolen my fluffy pillows. I don't have the heart to steal them back, but it really isn't a very good nights sleep. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm cursing him under my breath!

Zits & Freckles

Do you remember being a teenager with the face of a teenager? I had some acne problems as well as freckles. Both, I was told, would go away as I grew older. Well, I'm nearing 40 and still use an acne treatment every week or so. I'm sorry, but just how old do I have to get? To much older and I'll just be able to hide the zits in the wrinkles of my skin so that my grandkids won't be able to see them!

Getting Old

My parents just got into town this evening! It's always fun to see them even though it is starting to take a toll on my mom. My dad is 14 years older than she is and really seems to have the health and longevity of his dad, who passed away at 96 years old, and even then his body was young but due to Alzheimer's his mind was gone. So we are hoping to have many wonderful years with my dad!

I've Nailed It Down

A post or two back I wrote about finding a huge discount on home theater stuff, well today, I found home theater chairs at a whale of a bargain as well! All I can say is, I think this is going to be a sweet anniversary present for the two of us. The kids will enjoy it as well, and I can already see all of the sleep overs that will take place down there. But right now, I'm just excited to save a lot of money and still get something that everyone will love!

Almost Finished

It's nearly the end of the school year. I'm always amazed at how fast it goes once Easter has hit. We are currently on Spring Break which really means we are done. Just two months left and there will be no need for bic pens or wide ruled notebook paper. My kids will be a year older, and closer to middle school, and that's just wrong! Next school year my little girl starts Kindergarten. She's thrilled for this milestone, I'm dreading it!

Happy Anniversary

Our 11th wedding anniversary is coming up soon! I'm really happy to have made it to this milestone. The first 10 years were cake, so I'm hoping the next 10 will be great also! I've been looking into some 'hi-tech' gifts to give the "man" but am having a hard time nailing it down. I would love to get him a computer. I don't care if it's a laptop or a desktop, we desperately need one. Then I found discount home theater seating and now my mind is working in a whole new direction. I feel bad because whatever we get him, the whole family will use. So it isn't just a fun gift for him. But I guess that's what it means to be a dad!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This week is my husbands 15 year anniversary at work. I can't believe it's been that long. Actually, it hasn't. He worked for many years for this company before we got married, then switched fields for a bit, and is now back. So he got all of his time in service, which makes for a nice little prize! His work has been giving out some really nice little promotional products this past week, and he's been bringing some home. Did you know that the days of coffee mugs and crystal trophies as gifts has been added to with high tech gifts like flash drives and digital frames? I had no idea! It's been kind of fun to get to see what the new products are, and I'm still amazed at just how far the whole thing has come!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We Are Back

We've had a bit of a "technical" update recently! It took forever to get completed, mostly because we called my brother in law instead of a professional. Mind you, he is sort of a professional. He goes to others homes and works all of their installs--he's less expensive because he has all of the parts needed and bulk cable. The slowness falls into the fact that we have to wait for his time schedule to actually fit us in. So a job that would normally take a few hours, took over a week! But at least we are back up and running--and that is all that matters!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Patio Furniture

My sister and her husband bought a new home last fall. They were too late to find outdoor furniture in the end of the season sales, but were to late. They have their eyes on some beautiful pieces and I can't wait to head over and use their huge backyard while the kids play to their hearts content! Plus, they will be messing up her yard instead of mine. Not really, I hope to have them all over at my house as well. It's just not as big or nearly as fun!

A Weekend Out

We had the opportunity last weekend to get a room at the Hotel Intercontinental in downtown Chicago last weekend for a birthday party. I have to say, we were quite spoiled! Not only did we have an opportunity to enjoy their wonderful restaurants, and their Junior Olympic indoor swimming pool but they had the coolest rooms. Did you know you can actually put your TV in a cabinet--push a button on your remote and silently your TV will rise up on a plasma lift? I've never heard of such a thing--but I have to say, it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Now, it's definitely on my list of wants for the coming year!

Spring Is Springing

I walked around the yard today and was so excited to see some little green stems starting to poke their heads up. Spring is coming. I do love Spring, but with it we get that much closer to the overwhelming heat of summer. I LOVE the three other seasons. I love sweatshirt weather! I love having the chance to snuggle into some Emu Australia boots! I love the smell of chimneys blowing smoke from freshly lit fires while the dry leaves crackle beneath your feet! These are all the comforts of Fall--and I guess the closer we get to Summer--we are that much closer to Fall as well!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Budgeting Software Needed

I hate tax time! Every year we get a couple of thousand back from the federal return, but we also end up paying several hundred for the state return. This on top of the already "CHOKING" property tax is going to send us to the poor house! I know there is the whole 'Welfare' package coming in May and I'm really going to have to look into a budget software in order to make it last as long as we can as well as cover every need that we have as well! It really isn't so hard living within our means. We don't have any credit card debt. Both of our cars are paid for. We have a mortgage and that is it! Yet with taxes alone, we are in the poor house! How do other Americans do it when they are drowning in debt on top of the taxes?

Hopefully The End

I just got off the phone with my mother in law. Good news finally! My nephew has been in and out of jail and drug rehabilitation for several years now. He keeps getting back into the drug scene and his father keeps reporting him. I don't blame him, I really do want the best for this boy. But at the same time, he is on his final shot. One more relapse, and he's in prison to finish out his 2 year sentence. I'm not sure I could turn him in with that staring at me. Anyway, enough about me! This boy is out of rehab, and back into a halfway house. He seems to be doing really well and is currently working two jobs. In the last halfway house he was in school and doing really well. This current one doesn't offer schooling, but hopefully when he is out in a month or two, he can get himself back into school. I'm so hopeful for him again, but at the same time, we've been here before. Send him "happy thoughts" if you could!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heading To Branson!!

I have often heard of Branson, Missouri. My in laws own property there and used to visit quite often. That was before we moved to Chicago, and since the move 6 years ago, we have never even seen the Branson property! It's really not that far of a drive, and with so much fun and entertainment to be had, I'm really starting to wonder if I shouldn't just plan a trip--and then have everyone coordinate their schedules to come along. If they can't, I'm thinking it would be perfect for our little family. Of course, I would want to take part in the nightlife, so I may need to bring a babysitter along as well. But really, other than living right next door--you can't get much more convenient than Chicago!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Loving The "Tech" World

In the high tech world, there are so many things that I would love to own. Honestly, I'd take my own computer for starters. But since I've been traveling so much recently I would love to own a laptop with a mobile router rather than having to constantly rent one. I believe if you add up all of my rental fees, I would have paid for one by now. Sad thought! I should probably start with baby steps and find a nice cell phone to begin with. Yes, I know, I'm the last living person in the world without one!

Hitting Vegas!!

I find it funny. In my life I have lived 6 hours outside of Vegas to the North---or 4 hours outside of Vegas to the South. During each of these stints of existence, I didn't make it to Vegas very often. Now that I'm living 1500 miles away--I seem to be making plans involving conventions, gambling, rodeo's and hotels Las Vegas! It costs far more for me to get out there now than it used to, and yet I never took advantage of it! This past week I was able to be there for a huge food convention, and like every other time--it was AWESOME!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Kid In A Candy Store

I had a good laugh at my husband over the weekend. I've been starting some "Spring Cleaning" projects and asked him while he was out to pick me up some razor blades. I've been working on the windows and there is some goop squinched into the corners that I'd like to scrape out. He makes it home a few hours later (never can get a 'quick trip' out of him when he goes to the Home Depot)and instead of getting me plain old, run of the mill, scrape goop off of glass razor blades...he brought me box cutter! Now hey, I will admit, I can get pretty crafty with the tools I have on hand, but for this just wouldn't do! So I sent him back--which is what I think he had planned all along!

A Winter Calamity

As we were driving out of the cul de sac this past weekend we noticed that our neighbors trampoline had bit the dust. They leave it up and together all year long, and this year with all of the snow, the frame finally buckled. It's a death that is just killing my kids! There is nothing in this world they want more than a real life, BIG trampoline--not the mini trampoline we have in the basement. Although, I have to say--they adored that thing for the longest time. But as with all things--they've grown up to bigger ideas of fun! I'm not sure I would ever get a full sized trampoline--both my husband and I were hurt when we were younger jumping on's a wonder we are both still around!

"Wild Man" Off The Market

There is a man at my husbands hotel that is finally getting married. We aren't really sure where he met this woman, but she must be amazing if Doug is willing to settle down. He is a wild man! He's always been so much fun because he's so crazy! He's the type of guy that would have a beer pong table in his living room. We've been invited to the wedding, and my husband even a garnered an invitation to the Bachelor Party (so not sure he's allowed to go!!), but I'm just stumped as to what to get them. Do you go traditional? Do you go wild and crazy? Do you go the easy out with cash?? Honestly, I'm just praying that they register because I'm clueless!

Sick Kids

We have had a house full of S.I.C.K.!! It seems never ending at times, but honestly yesterday was the worst! The flooring in the kids room, the hallway, the kitchen and the entire bathroom have been plastered! I'm about ready to burn the joint down, and start from scratch! But even that is too much work for this overworked body!! Maybe I'll just invent some self cleaning bathroom fixtures and call it good!

The hubby and I have been lucky thus far, but I have to tell you, I just talked to him and he isn't feeling so hot! Here we go again!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Past & Present!!

A few months ago we were over at my husbands grandparents home helping his parents clean it out. The fun thing about cleaning out these types of homes is the history you find deep inside. There was depression glass, antique toys and these little old fashioned espresso contraptions. They were so amazing in a couple of ways. One-they didn't look like they would actually work--even when they were new, and two, they were in perfect condition. These were older than my mother in law, and there wasn't a scratch on them. We've visited my mother in laws house since then and have seen these little things sitting on the top ledge of her stove. She love espresso, but hasn't figured out how to work them. Kind of funny. She has these two cool little things, but for her birthday in a couple of weeks we are looking at modern espresso machines for her. One that comes with directions anyway.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Tax Time!!

Have you gotten your taxes done yet? Many people go for it early--but we wait just a bit. Not only does that keep our return out of our reach of spending it--you never know just what kind of deductions you can find lying around your house or under the car cover in the back yard! Many people already know that you can make a car donation to, but not many realize just what this non-profit organization does with the money they receive from the transaction. Here's just a glimpse at one of the video's they make for teens and young people. So far, they've made over 2.4 million of these videos.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alcohol Rehab

My nephew was finally moved out of jail and into a brand new rehab facility. Well, I guess it's been about three weeks, because he will move out of rehab and into the half way house next week. We are so hopeful for him this time. There are actually counselors that are helping him deal with all of his demons. He went in for alcohol rehab, but is also getting some grief counseling--and honestly--I think that will be the one thing that keeps him out of trouble!

Mission To Argentina

We have a nephew who is getting ready to head out on a mission. That means he will be out of the country for 2 years. These are very common around our hometown--but people in Illinois are shocked to hear about them. This young 19 year old is heading to Argentina and with the rugged terrain--I honestly think he's going to need some pretty tough luggage. You know Swiss Army or something just as durable. He will be fluent in Spanish when he gets home but will be mature beyond his 21 years! It's a sad/happy/proud moment for his family--and we wish him the best!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Do you ever get in the mode of Spring Cleaning? I don't know why they call it that--I generally get it as I'm putting Christmas away. That's a mere 2 weeks into winter--it's not even Mid-Winter cleaning! Today I worked in the Master Bedroom. Our dressers are out of control! Who knew I kept my chemises in my husbands t-shirt drawer! Tomorrow I will be working in the garage. I have the heater all lined up ready to keep me warm when it's nearly 20 degrees outside--but after that--I'm DONE! The house is looking great--and it's taken a few weeks, but when it's all done--it will be amazing!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He's Finally Trained

We are finally finished potty training! Brett just turned three--and amazingly enough--after 10 years of working with poop----I'm finally free of diapers and wipes! Can you even imagine how good that feels? He's got lots of cute little boy underpants to wear, and he's really excited about that--which is really fun to see. He still likes to collect stickers for every time he uses the toilet, but hey, for me--I'm happy to keep it up as long as he needs me to!

Trifecta Of The Worst Kind

I'm sure you've all seen by now--but the "Death Trifecta" has hit again. First there was Christopher Bowman, followed by Brad Renfro and now Heath Ledger. All of these guys were younger than 40 years old, and quite a bit younger than that. It's made me really think about our family and take stock of what we've got. We are older than most of these guys--and live relatively 'safe' lives. We carry car insurance, health insurance, home owners insurance--but nothing to protect our future. How sad is that! I really do need to start looking into some life insurance quotes. If something were to happen to one of us, it would leave the other with some mighty hefty responsibilities with four kids and a house to run!

Monday, January 21, 2008

She Moved To NYC

My sister in law just wrote on her blog about something terrible that has happened in her family. Actually--it's great for one member of the family--but the others are having a hard time with it. You see, her sister just moved from Utah, and is now ready to be counted among the New York movers and shakers! She got a great job in Manhattan and being a single lady--she was up for adventure. My sister in law is having a hard time with the thought of losing her sister to 2000 miles-but for Emily--she's in for some fun!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Traveling Smart

Some of you may remember that last November I traveled to Las Vegas and promptly got sick! Actually I was sick before I even got on the airplane, but because I had failed to purchase travel health insurance I couldn't afford to call the trip off. Most of the time when we travel we don't get this insurance and we've never really needed it. But when you are face down in a rented toilet bowl----my oh my, do you wish you'd purchased the coverage just to be home in your own bed!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boys And Balls

Why is it that kids must do the things you expressly tell them not to do? As with every other parent, in every other house, my kids can not walk and carry a ball at the same time. They must constantly toss it in the air or throw it to each other. Last week their harmless little game of catch caused quite a bit of destruction. They knocked a vase off of the mantle (it shattered), tipped over one of our air purifiers and left a big black spot on the wall above the couch! I've told them over and over if I see a ball in the air I will pop it in front of them, and I guess it's just time to live up to the threat!

Insurance Premium Time

January is always our month for insurance premiums. I think it would have been so much easier to space everything out, but in a way, it is nice because it's always the same. I just paid the yearly auto insurance, up next is the home insurance, and after the next paycheck we will take care of the life insurance. I don't mind paying it, and it does save money paying it all up front, but boy does it shatter my budget! We don't go overboard too much at Christmas, so it all works out just fine, but still, if we spread them out a bit it wouldn't be such a bitter pill to swallow every year!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Eliptical Training

One of my goals for this coming year is to get in shape. Not so much to lose weight to but to become more physically fit. To this end, I have spent several days getting myself accustomed to my new elliptical. I got it for Christmas and it's beautiful, I'm just amazed at how 'not in shape' I really am. I thought for sure 30 minutes would be a breeze, but I'm breathless and DYING after just 7! I shall persevere however, because this year is my husbands 20 year reunion from High School. I would like to be fit and have some muscle tone in my arms before I have to go meet all of his friends again. I was pregnant with baby number 2 the first time around, and I was BIG!

Camping In The Basement

My kids are so funny. They all asked for different things for Christmas this year, but it was all based around a single theme, camping gear! I didn't have a problem buying it, I thought it was a nice healthy hobby that they could enjoy for the rest of their lives. Plus, with my oldest going into Boy Scouts soon he'll need this gear for all of their outdoor activities and well, why not get it now for Christmas rather than breaking the bank the night before the 2 mile hike? What is funny is that ever since Christmas they have been begging me to set up their tent in the back yard so they could camp. They didn't mind that there was a foot of snow in the backyard, they were just excited. Well, since I'm not all that big on frozen popsicle children, we finally decided to just set it up in the basement. Hard, cement floor and all. They started the night down there last night (we left the lights on because the basement can be kind of spooky) and even with the lights on, they didn't make it much past midnight. The each waddled on up to their bedrooms to their own beds.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Golf Addiction

My father in law is the worlds biggest golfer. It's something that he's loved to do since he was a teenager. I have never gotten into the game of golf--I don't really understand the impetus behind it. But it keeps him young, and it keeps me covered when it comes to gift giving ideas. Well, me and everyone else in the family. There is always something new for golfers. Did you know that there are now Nike golf clubs? As if cornering the shoe market weren't enough--they've moved into clubs. I think that's kind of cool! I just wish we lived somewhere where he could get out and golf year round. Maybe when they retire!

2008 Resolution

I have loved being able to use my sisters computer whenever I've needed it. Our old computer would be pretty easy to fix, it just needs a new hard drive, but it would also need to be updated in many other areas as well. It's more of a dinosaur than anything else.

This year is the year of our new computer! I know this because it's what I'm saving up for. Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas--you name it, I'm saving for it! I will miss the "chat" time I get every week with my sister, but honestly--she can't love having us all over at her house all that much!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

I think it's so strange how even young kids can find joy in all things relating to cars! My 8 year old has this amazing ability to name every car he sees. He can also tell you about their wheels, spinners, caps ect. He's even got it down when it comes to a billet grille! Now, I'm happy to see all of this, I'm thrilled that he has a memory not to be matched...I just wish he would find something that I may actually be able to carry on a conversation about! In fact, I'm so bad that when I do throw in some of my own conversational inspirations, he rolls his eyes at me and gives me the "correct" answer. It's kind of fun to irritate him with my cluelessness. There is a lot of huff and puff that comes along with it!