Friday, July 11, 2008

The Dangerous World Outside

My parents were on a cruise recently in South America. As they were walking back to the ship my mother had an uneasy feeling about two men following them. Unlike me, who would have walked faster or ran back to the boat, my mother made it look like she had wanted to look in a store they had just passed and turned to face the men head on. Brave lady! She could see in their face they were taken a back, and she and my dad waited at the window of the store until she saw them men ahead crossing the street. As they sat at dinner that night they found out that several people had been mugged on their way back to the ship. No, there is no proof that these men would have mugged my parents, but my mom has a very good "gut feeling" and I'm sure they were up to no good! My dad always uses a Pacsafe waist wallet, but I'm not sure they wouldn't have known where to look. Many tourists use many different items to hide their valuables, and I wonder if the muggers know just where to look. I'm just glad my parents made it home safe and sound, and with all of their belongings!