Friday, November 16, 2007

PR Milestones

You never know how much you love a Page Rank, until it's taken away! Mind you...I've never had much to brag about--but it was something! Now apparently, links and traffic mean nothing--as I have a ZERO page rank!

It bothers me only in the sense that PR was something that I would always try to reach for--I started out with a one, then a two and I finally got a three. That was exciting! It was like setting and reaching unseen milestones. No one but me knew they were there.

Now that PR seems to be gone--I still get to work and strive--but that immediate (ok, every 90 days or so) gratification is gone-and I'm going to have to find something else to strive for!


Tao--Las Vegas

This is the view from the deck at the Venetian. Isn't it amazing! I sat and looked at this all night long. I didn't feel well, and the noise and lack of light inside the night club only worked to exacerbate the problem--so I clung to the exterior portion of the club. Honestly, as cool as the club is on the inside--the patio is just as awesome! A view of the strip as well as the gondola ride below. That is one thing I didn't get to do that I wanted to---but when you are sick to your stomach--a ride on a boat--isn't a wise move!

I can't wait to go back when I'm feeling better!

I Almost Missed It All

I made it all the way to Vegas--but then I was knocked out! I was supposed to sleep for a little while
and then head over to the convention center just a little late. I didn't make it before lunch! Too bad!

My sister and aunt did come pick me up and we made it back to the convention just a little late after lunch. I'm really glad I made it for the last portion of the day. I got to hear the advertisers as well as some of the shining stars in the blog world.

I didn't feel great--but I managed to make it to the big party at Tao that evening--and here is a photo of our Fearless Leader--Ted. This was the first chance I'd had to meet him, and he was very nice--just what Rob had always said. That made the evening--and even the hellish day, all worth it!

So Sick

I think all of this "World Travel" has left my body drained! We all got sick after the last trip--then last weekend in Vegas, I was bamboozled!! Flat in bed--so sick to my stomach, I was dying!! I missed most of the convention, stuck my head in for the last couple of classes, and of course the Argus Roll Out--boy was that sweet! I made it to the Tao after party--which was amazing and so nice to have little appetizers. That way I could add one to my tummy, see how it handled it, and then add another one! It was not the first time I was happy that I don't drink however! I'm afraid that would have been the last straw and poor Tao would have had a big mess on their pretty red carpet!!