Saturday, February 28, 2009


My sister called and invited us to the Blue and Gold Banquet for her son tonight. He will be getting his Wolf award and doing something with whipped cream. I really should go--but Wednesdays are not the quietest of days for us! Daniel has basketball tonight, and Kate has Ballet!

But--it is a free dinner--Hawaiian Luau, so I really should go. Plus-they are supposed to be having a Pinewood Derby track there and I know my son would love to take on his two cousins! He built his very own car-- and what it lacks in "speed" it more than makes up for in style!! I really do need to catch a picture of it, before it's been played with beyond recognition!

Friday, February 27, 2009

How Fun Is This!!

As I've been stating for months--I've hated my Blogger template. It was fine-but it was just too boring. So I chose an all new template--and totally shook it up. I bet you can't even tell what template it was to begin with--that's just how good I've gotten! Just kidding!

I chose a template with the sidebar on the right--but I really wanted my sidebar on the left--and I hated the colors they give you to choose from--so I found an awesome site that gives html color codes, and then hit the html section of my template!

I was brave enough to mess around with it until I figured out how to move the sidebar, change the background, and add items that I wanted! I LOVE it! It no longer feels like the "Ugly Neglected Step Sister" to my sisters "Burberry" themed blog!!

Ain't technology Grand!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Think It Found Me

It has been a crazy day and it's not even 12:00 noon yet! My husband couldn't find his keys this morning when he was leaving for work. So I got up to help him, found them in the microwave--yes, that would be the work of my 2 year old! But by the time we found them, and he was out the door, it was only 15 minutes until it was time to get the kids up for school.

So I came over to have a seat and type away my thoughts. But then I'm realizing--I don't feel good. My stomach is tight, and I am really going to throw up. I hate this--my sisters entire family has had this stomach gunk--so I'm going to put the blame squarely on her shoulders! So without to much information for you all--I got up and took care of business. Yes, it always makes you feel better when you do it--but it's still just horrid to do it. I would almost rather curl up in a ball and fight it for hours on end, than get up and take the three minutes to feel better! Yes, I would make a TERRIBLE bulimic!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's That I See??

I walked out the door of my house today--and what is that I see ebbing out of the melting snow?? Can you say TULIPS!! Ohhhh, it's too early for this--I don't want them to freeze, but at the same time-it's always so fun to finally see them popping up again. Who cares about the Groundhog--when my tulips start to bloom--I know Spring is coming!!

Tonight my sisters husband is taking their daughter (named after me) on a daddy daughter date! I think that is such a cute idea--and so sweet of dad to think of it! My big sister has all of the great ideas, I'm always copying them!! I'm going to have to go over tomorrow morning and see how Blakey liked her date with her dad!! You can check out all of the fun over at her blog: Genki Desu Yo

Friday, February 20, 2009

6 Months Comes Fast

February 21st brings the renewal of our car insurance. We've been with the same company for over 5 years, yet every 6 months the husband decides it's time take a look at our car insurance coverage and see if there are savings to be had. Then inevitably, we renew with the same old company! It's like a little control dance we play every 6 months. I control the finances in the house, I pay the bills. But every so often he feels like he needs to dip his toe in and test the waters. Once he realizes that we are running like a well oiled machine, he takes his leave and the universe returns to it's normal, functioning self!

I Need A Gym!!

I want to join a gym! I know I say that alot--but I really do. I need to find one with a section for kids. Since I have 2 little ones that aren't in school-they would need to have a toy section.

My sister in law swaps that out. She gets a free membership at the gym, and then on her times not in the gym--she covers the kids section. I would LOVE this! Do they have them here in Illinois?? Anyone?? I will have to take a minute and see what I can find!

I will let you know!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick Babies

I just got off the phone with my sister. Bad news! We were going to get together today and let the kids play in the snow. They actually have toboggan runs here--where were they when we were little! But it turns out all three of her boys are sick. She didn't sound too great either--but the boys have the stomach flu--and I really don't want that invading my house. My kids have already missed so much school for being sick!

So now I have a long three day weekend to plan something fun! I wonder what movies are out there for the kids. We still have free movie tickets left from Christmas--and it's warm in the theaters!! hmmmm, I'll have to give this a little more thought!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The kids and I spent the last couple of days housesitting for my sister. She and her family headed to Phoenix for the week. I don't like to fly-so I'm not jealous of that--but OH HOW I LOVE THE SUN! I'm sure she's basking in the view of the palm trees and swimming outdoors and getting a sunburn! Lucky lady!

It's cold here! Not just chilly--but truly negative 16 COLD! My brother in law got home from Phoenix last night and it was -16, he was in shock because he left Phoenix and it was 86 degrees. What a sad, SAD shock for his system!

It is supposed to warm up to 26 degrees this week, but they say the snow will be back early next week! Just in time for Valentine's Day! That's the night my sister is flying home! I hope they make it home safe and sound!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Uncle Mike

We are in a position where we are looking at putting my uncle into a "partial" care facility. Holy cow is this hard! The poor man has Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington Chorea. Two HUGE disabilities for one single, aged man to deal with.

He doesn't think he needs any help--but just last week he was pulled over (AGAIN) by a police officer who was tipped of that he was driving drunk. Someone had watched him stumble to his truck (the Huntingtons) and had mistakenly thought he was inebriated. Each time my mother is called, where she vows that he doesn't drink but has a hard time walking normally. He walks with a bit of a jittery shuffle. He really shouldn't be driving--but he is in no way impaired chemically.

The main reason's we think he needs to go into a facility is because his kids have all gotten married and moved out of state. His sisters are getting older and finding their own health problems and my mom snowbirds 4 months during the winter in Arizona. He is all alone in the world and isn't very good at remembering to take his medication or even eat for that matter. He's been hospitalized for dehydration three times in the past year, he just forgot to eat or drink anything. He does have one of those talking watches that reminds him to take his medication--but if he isn't home or if he doesn't get to it right away he misses the dose. It's just not working!

So we are spending a lot of time this week trying to find him something that we'll both be happy with. I'll have to let you know what we find!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finding A Deal

You know what I missed the most being gone? Hounding! Did you know that I was a MAJOR couponer? If you can save money...I'm all over it! Matching a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon ontop of sale price-how cool is that!

I do know people who stockpile a TON of stuff that they will never use, but their thought is--it was so cheap, what if I find I need it later? My thought--you spent money on something you may never use? That is in no way shape or form SAVING! I do only shop for the items that I need or will definitely use! That said, if anyone out there wants my coupons for Pampers or cat food...comment here--and they are yours!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


My sister called me today. It's always so good to catch up, especially if I've been away for awhile. Her 20 year high school reunion is this summer back in Utah, and she's thinking it would be fun to take her kids to Disneyland from Utah rather than making a separate trip from Chicago. She'll definitely save on airfare that way. What was funny is that she was looking at an Anaheim California hotel and found a really good rate (at a motel) before she remembered that we are in the hotel business! I called my husband and found a really good rate right next to Disney.

Her kids have never been to Disneyland, and although we've been to Disney World, my kids have never been to Disneyland either. I'm wondering if it would be possible to meet up over the summer and enjoy the park together!

My Poor Body

Do you want to know the one thing I wish I had done before we left for this amazing trip? Get myself in shape to hang out in a swimming suit! I mean, we knew this trip was coming for nearly a year--where were my diet pills? Where was my daily work out routine?

All of my friends from the hotel were dying to just layout in the sun, and although that isn't something I enjoy doing too much of, it would have been fun to be a little social! But no--my body in a bathing suit would truly have scared the natives (and everyone else for that matter)! Besides being a little "big"...I'm white as a ghost! This skin has not seen the sun in over a decade! I would blind pilots flying over head if I bared my legs in direct sunlight!!

Next year we aren't going to the Carribean...but you can bet I'm going to work to get this body in swimsuit shape no matter where we end up!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My New Grasshopper Suitcase

Before we left for the Carribean my husband surprised me with a "going away" gift. It was so sweet. Imagine my surprise to find it was luggage. I'm may not know us, but we have a TON of luggage! I think it was the number one gift idea handed out the year we got married...because we got it from just about everyone!

I looked at him kind of confused when I opened my lime green Zero Halliburton Zeroller, and he laughed. He reminded me how every trip we sit at the luggage carousel looking at the tags on each and every black roller suitcase that goes by us. We honestly joke about it because by the time they've made their way around the circle and get back to us, we don't recognize one from the other--and we end up looking at the tags of every suitcase like 5 times! So he got me this green one--so that we can literally see it coming from miles away!

How thoughtful is that?

The BEST Shopping

I spent much of my time over this past week away shopping! I mean, who doesn't want to buy designer wholesale clothing and handbags?

My mom always comes home from her trips with fun new purses, and I got my first pair of Guess Jeans from Hong Kong. Mind you that was back in 1986 when Guess Jeans were all the rage and cost a fortune!

I didn't come home with too much, but I did find the cutest sun dress for next to nothing! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so that I can start wearing it here. Now that I am home, my poor budget is back on tap--so there won't be much more shopping to be done until pay day!!

I hope I can wait!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, it has been too long my friends! I have been out of town for this conference or that, but I am back! Life is good when you are away, but it is always nice to come home. Have you ever been to the Caribbean? It is beautiful, and so warm this time of year, compared to Chicago. What made this particular conference so nice was that it was for my husband's work. So other than the "supporting" duties that I had, I was completely on my own. Since my husband is an executive with the corporation, we were put up in a little bungalow on the hotel grounds. Everything was beautiful--smelled HEAVENLY! The one problem, Charlie! Charlie is a huge spider (from the West Indies) and honestly, we saw him perched in the bathroom window as soon as we got there.

Creepy as he was, I didn't mind using the facilities if Charlie was visible in his web. Ok, to be totally honest, I would have loved to find a brown recluse spider trap only bigger to get him the heck out of there...but if you thought I was going to use my shoe on him, you would be sadly mistaken! The fun part came about 2:30 a.m. about three nights into our stay. We always slept with the bathroom door closed and a towel at the bottom to keep Charlie from roaming. So my husband gets up in the middle of the night to take care of some personal business and the first thing he notices is that Charlie isn't in his "normal" spot. But not being able to wait around to look for him, he just sat down and took car of himself. When he was finished he pulled the sheet down on the toilet paper roll---and yep...Charlie came around with the roll. Even though we were in our own bungalow...I'm sure EVERY guest of the hotel heard him scream his head off!

I'm not sure we got much sleep that night wondering what creatures were wandering around our room, but it is definitely a great story to share with anyone who cares to listen!!