Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Think It Found Me

It has been a crazy day and it's not even 12:00 noon yet! My husband couldn't find his keys this morning when he was leaving for work. So I got up to help him, found them in the microwave--yes, that would be the work of my 2 year old! But by the time we found them, and he was out the door, it was only 15 minutes until it was time to get the kids up for school.

So I came over to have a seat and type away my thoughts. But then I'm realizing--I don't feel good. My stomach is tight, and I am really going to throw up. I hate this--my sisters entire family has had this stomach gunk--so I'm going to put the blame squarely on her shoulders! So without to much information for you all--I got up and took care of business. Yes, it always makes you feel better when you do it--but it's still just horrid to do it. I would almost rather curl up in a ball and fight it for hours on end, than get up and take the three minutes to feel better! Yes, I would make a TERRIBLE bulimic!