Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Beans

Have you had green bean casserole? You know the one with mushroom soup and crispy fried onions. I LOVE that! But I've never really known the recipe to make it. I mean, I know the ingredients but not the amounts. I love that you can find easy green bean recipes online. Especially since I have so many cans of green beans--case lot sales and all!! But I need more than one recipe to try them out with! Who knows, I may just be back sharing another favorite really soon!


My husband and I have been arguing recently about the need the get a home warranty. They are something that we've had in the past and have been saved so many times from the expenses in replacing a garage door, an air conditioning compressor, even the washer and dryer were covered. But since we moved into this house, we haven't had one. Everything seems to be working really good for now, but you just know that the first time money gets tight everything is going to start breaking down! Who wouldn't want to be prepared for that?

Such A Strange Dilema!!

A friend of mine put out a survey to see what kind baby bedding she should use for her new baby. What struck me odd was that she has a four year old daughter who just can't seem to share her crib with the soon to be baby, so they are buying a second crib. Are you kidding me? Who does that? Step in and be the four she's hopefully not sleeping in the crib, so just let her know how the game is going to be played! I had four kids move through my one crib and it was still seemingly wasteful to throw it out before we moved out. It was in great condition and yet, out it went! Step MOM up!!