Monday, December 14, 2009

Traveling Alone

I have a new friend. I call her new not because we have only been friends a short time, but because, although we are friendly...I don't really know all that much about her. She lives in my area. Has been married for 20 years and has 4 kids (3 adopted and 1 bio). In getting to know her a little better these past few months I found out that she takes a 1 week vacation once a year, all by herself. No kids. No husband! Now---I'm all for getting away--but I really don't want to go alone. I don't know if she goes with friends or girlfriends, but it sounded as if she took off for a week in one of those disney world hotels all by herself! Not only do I not want to travel alone, but I really wouldn't want to do Disney World without my kids!

Her oldest son was at church today swinging around a HUGE pencil. It was his gift from his mom's trip to Disney. I'm sure it was lacking in his mind! Kind of like a t-shirt that said, "My mom went alone to Disney World, and all I got was this dinky t-shirt"! Yeah....just like that!

Medical Offices

Have you ever been stuck in a doctor's office waiting and started checking out the medical equipment? Does everyone do that or just me? After you've had four babies--there isn't an exam table that I haven't sat on! I remember in one really long appointment, I sat and stared at the blood pressure meter on the wall. Did you know there is a fancy name for that little meter? It's a Sphygmomanometer! Yes siree...I sat there and read it over and over until I could say it (and spell it) with ease! Let me tell you---I sound SO smart in a conversation where I get to throw that word around! Yeah...I haven't been in one yet---but I'm just waiting, cause it's bound to happen!

I've even gotten my kids started on games to pass the time. You know the exam tables with all of the drawers underneath it? Well, we play a little "Guess What's In That Drawer" game. You guess something like hospital gown or gauze...and then you take a little peeksie to see if you win. Yeah---it's snooping...but all in the name of entertaining children who would otherwise be ripping through said drawer looking for latex gloves to blow up or those extra long Q-tips to jam up their noses!!