Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life Coach Clay Nelson

I love getting gifts and packages in the mail. Really-there is nothing more that brightens my day then getting something fun. Today was no different. I opened the mailbox and found a cute little package. I couldn't wait to open it, but unfortunately with 4 kids wandering around--I rarely get to open my own package. It was still exciting though, and I was thrilled to find life coach Clay Nelson's new CD! I've been waiting for awhile to receive this little package, and was really happy to shoo the kids away for quiet time. I put it in the CD player on my computer, and threw my earphones on. The problem is--I'm not completely able to concentrate this way--because I sit here wanting to talk about it!!

I was reading the press release on his website. Did you know he has a radio show and a tele-seminar on top of these CD's? What a busy man. The radio show is something that I would be the most interested in--but seeing how I don't live in Santa Barbara, California--I was happy to find that the radio show is also available via the internet. So next Wednesday, I will be waiting right here with head phones in hand!!

Staples, We Have Staples

Today Brett fell down the last three stairs of our basement staircase. This little trip landed him a "trip" to the Emergency Room. He is fine--he has staples in his scalp. I could hardly look at the blood soaked towel (why is it that head wounds bleed so badly??) let alone watch the doctors as they bring out the MOTHER of all staplers and attempt to apply it to my baby's head. Waves of nauseousness rolled over me and I had to sit down with my back to everything going on--still holding Brett's hand but huffing and puffing with my head between my legs--it wasn't a pretty site! When I was younger I got stitches. I don't remember much about it-but it seems far easier than staples. I could be wrong!

Halloween Is Coming

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! I love when the holidays kick into gear--and I mean all of the Fall and Winter holidays--Halloween included. I've always loved Halloween! I don't like masks though--I think a kid costume is much cuter without a mask they can put on-I'm more of a "add a little make up to the face" rather than cover it with a mask.

My favorite costume is one that my sister created for her son Jake. He wanted to be Jak from the PS2 games Jak and Daxter--and he looked amazing! In case you can't tell--those things on the side of his head are Jak's ears--and they look just like them--what a great costume! What made it amazing--she made it all--well--organized it all. Sweatshirt and pants are the foundation--then she just layered on top of that. So creative!

There is an Online Halloween Costume Contest, and I would love to join! I do need to find a good costume for me this year. I've never really dressed up myself--just my kids--but it might be kind of fun to see if there is a great adult costume over at Star Costumes. I know my sister is going to dress up in a blow up Chef outfit since she's married to a Chef--unfortunately for me, there isn't a fun costume for a Hotel Manager! Sorry, dear!


Later today we are heading over to my sisters new house. She's nearly completely moved in--so this will just be a social visit. Those are the best kind anyway. I do have to wait until I pick the boys up from school--then we'll just head straight there. It's so unfair, her boys ride the bus--and the bus stop is the corner in front of her house--she just sits in the front door--and watches them get safely home after school. I'm a bit jealous of that one!

The Rookie Challenge

I have been interested in the stock market and other financial areas forever--honestly--what budget abiding person isn't at least slightly intrigued by the possible fortunes to be found. But I don't even understand where to begin. So imagine my excitement to learn that there is a "rookie challenge" going on right now, where I can 'virtually' begin creating my own portfolio. There are gains and losses and even transaction fees--you know, gotta keep it as real as possible! What's nice is even though the contest is open to anyone--if you do have some real experience in the financial markets--you have to disclose if your holdings in the game correspond to your real holdings. Plus, you are also required to hold your shares for at least 1 hour - this is another way of balancing the playing field for all of us. The Rookie with the highest gain over the week will be the winner.

What a great way to get your feet wet without having to risk the farm! Registration is free--you even get a free hat--but even better than that, is the $1000 weekly prize! So let's recap--free sign up, free participation, a virtual $100K to play with, valuable-real time financial lessons--and a possible $1000 at the end of each week! Is there anyone out there dumb enough not to head straight over to the rookie challenge to participate? Yeah, I didn't think so! See you there!

Homeschool Preschool

I have decided to take Preschool matters into my own hands for Katie! We will be "homeschooling" her. I know--it's only PreK and it isn't even a requirement-but I would like her to have the same advantages as the other kids when she enters Kindergarten in the fall. So we have gotten some workbooks, and we will have some fun playtime activities and even some field trips--it should work out pretty good--and I'm excited to spend the time with her everyday!