Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life Coach Clay Nelson

I love getting gifts and packages in the mail. Really-there is nothing more that brightens my day then getting something fun. Today was no different. I opened the mailbox and found a cute little package. I couldn't wait to open it, but unfortunately with 4 kids wandering around--I rarely get to open my own package. It was still exciting though, and I was thrilled to find life coach Clay Nelson's new CD! I've been waiting for awhile to receive this little package, and was really happy to shoo the kids away for quiet time. I put it in the CD player on my computer, and threw my earphones on. The problem is--I'm not completely able to concentrate this way--because I sit here wanting to talk about it!!

I was reading the press release on his website. Did you know he has a radio show and a tele-seminar on top of these CD's? What a busy man. The radio show is something that I would be the most interested in--but seeing how I don't live in Santa Barbara, California--I was happy to find that the radio show is also available via the internet. So next Wednesday, I will be waiting right here with head phones in hand!!