Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Too Old For This

I'm going to take a moment to complain yet again! My birthday is coming up, and I'll be 37 years old. That is just too old to still be living with zits! Honestly, weren't they supposed to head for the hills when I "grew up"? I've been waiting and trying every all the new natural acne treatments I can find, but nothing seems to work. I wash, rinse, mask and moisturize every night, but to no avail! I guess it's time to find something new!

The Book Club

I've been a member of an online book club, and have really enjoyed getting back into reading books. Last month we read a book called "Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale, and it was wonderful. Luckily there are two books left in the trilogy, so I will be picking them both up later today to read. With kids you can forget just how nice it is to take a few moments and get lost in a whole 'nother world! I'm really enjoying it.

The Weight Battle

My sister has been looking into weight loss supplements. So much has been said in the past few years about Phentermine. Many people have relied on it for weight loss, and it's one of the best prescription weight loss aids. But there are so many "fakers" out there that it's to be sure what you are getting. I've never been one to take diet pills, I get 'woozy', but it's nice to know there is information out there for people who do want them!

My Tomboy Niece

My brother and sister in law are looking into getting a medical bracelet for my niece. She's just little but is violently allergic to several medications. She is such a rough and tumble kid, (has 3 brothers to keep up with)that they are just sure once she starts school in the fall, and they aren't around she'll get herself hurt on the playground. (yes, they wanted a bicycle helmet for her when she started walking) Medical bracelets have come a long way since I was a kid. Now you can find some that really look like jewelry, and I think they will be perfect for a little girl.

Anniversary Plans

I have been looking for hotel deals in downtown Chicago. Our anniversary is coming up soon, and I'm planning a little trip away with "the man"! Not far away mind you, there are four kids to worry about. But a quick trip downtown will be fun and relaxing. When you live in the suburbs you don't get to the city as often as you think you would, and it really is a whole little world all it's own. I would love to stay 2 nights, but I think one will be pushing it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Almost Lost Them

I have to say, I have often been guilty of taking my computer memory for granted! I have been trying to find a way to get my computer to work faster. So I dumped all of my photo's onto a memory stick. Mind you, it was working great, but I never felt too comfortable deleting the files completely off of my hard drive. Yeah, I know, it defeats the whole purpose...but it was a good thing. Today I needed one of the photo's, so I stuck the memory stick into the port, and you know what...it didn't work! Phew! So I hurried to my recycle bin and restored all of my photo files back to their original space! You never can be too sure about the safety of your photos!!


Tomorrow I will be spending the day helping a neighbor friend pack up her house following a divorce. The whole situation is sad, especially with her having kids. So the least I can do is head over and help her pack some boxes. She is luckily having movers come in on Tuesday to pack up all of her furnishings and things until her apartment is ready to move into the end of May. I was happy to hear there were movers coming because she's got some really heavy things. She got the huge TV in the divorce as well as her refrigerator, platform beds, and all of her dining room furniture. I really wouldn't be able to help much with the heavy stuff, so we'll leave that to them! I'm a little worried about my own house. It's in dire need of de-cluttering, and I'll be spending yet another day out of the house. Not a good thing!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Moving Quick, Again

We just found out that more of our neighbors are moving. New York movers will be here on Monday to clear them out. What makes this, and the previous three moves, so strange is the fact that we find out about the move 3 days before it happening. This one is at least going on at a normal time. The last three all moved out at midnight, and only 2 days after they told us they were moving. We just moved here, and we gave all of our neighbors a few months notice before moving. I'm just confused as to how you keep it a secret for so long and then just up and move? Or is it just as surprising to them as it is to us?