Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Day--Nothing Amazing...

Today my kids spent the day over at the neighbors house! It is an easy day for me--but also a pretty hard one! When Brett realizes that he has to same home with just mom--he's broken hearted! Kate did have pre-school today, which was strange since everyone else is on Spring Break-but her class had Spring Break a couple of weeks ago!

School starts back up on Monday. I think I will head to the doctor that day-or Tuesday. I still have the walking pneumonia that I've had for MONTHS!! I guess we are in for a strong dose of antibiotics. Never a fun thing--yeast and all! It will be nice for the kids to be back in school full time--for the remaining 8 weeks of school anyway. They love it--and I definitely need my daily routine back. Amazing how trashed the house can get with all four of them home for a week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Growin' Up Fast!

This is a moment that I would love to put a photo up to go along with this post--however, due to Kiddie Porn laws-I just wouldn't dare! My littlest man--2 year old Brett, is potty training. In order to accomplish this, he generally runs to the toilet, removes his diaper, does his business and then runs around the house naked until mom tackles him with a new diaper! Well, that's what happened this evening--except that I just looked down and found him asleep at my feet! In the BUFF!! I sit hear staring at this naked little body (he's lying on his tummy, so I just see his little tushy), and I'm marveling at how big that little body has gotten! I know-it's been two years--and I've had to buy new clothes and shoes to fit that growing body--but I'm still just amazed at how fast it all goes! I really couldn't handle more kids--I think 4 is plenty--but at moments like these-I just can't help but wish I could go back in time and hold that little baby just one more time!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Married Time Together!!

Well, that week went really fast! We found we had a bit of "time off" so we dropped the kids off with family, and the hubby and I headed out for some Quality Time!! We took a week and headed out on our own. It was amazing how nice it is just to be alone with an adult again for 24 hours a day! I can't remember life before kids--so it was fun to re-experience it! We did talk to the kids--A LOT! And the man was able to keep in touch with work on a daily basis--but we didn't have anything else on our schedules! I will write about our adventures in the next couple of posts--as well as some fun pictures!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 2

Well, it's the second day of Spring Break--and we have done NOTHING!! It's not our fault! We had grandiose plans! Tonight we were supposed to be sleeping at a fabulous hotel, and spending the day tomorrow at the amazing Water Park that is attached to it. Unfortunately--no one told my 4 year old daughter that she couldn't get sick during Spring Break! That's right--we don't even go to school, and she's come down with a cold! Man it feels like we are running a lab for germ infestations!! I always have at least 1 child sick at all times. Maybe that's why some people don't have as many kids! With 4 kids all coming into contact with something--it's pretty darn guaranteed that someone will be sick!!

So tomorrow I think my hubby will take the boys to the movies and I will stay home with the baby and my sick little girl! She'll hate it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Spring Break Already

I find it amazing how fast the school year goes. I remember when I was younger (Elementary & Jr. High school) the school year lasted forever. But I distinctly remember in High School being amazed at just how quickly the school year went.

As soon as school starts--it's Halloween! As soon as Halloween is gone--it's Thanksgiving--then Christmas Break. Almost immediately we head to Valentine's Day--and the rest of the year cruises by after that. Spring Break is one final moment--when we get back to school next week-we will literally have 8 weeks left of the school year--and that just breaks my heart!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What?? Snow??

It snowed today! Can you believe it? It's the 11th of April--and there are 3 inches of snow outside my front door! My flowers are frozen--my snow shovel and ice melter have been safely tucked away in the garage--and now--it's snowing!! How miserable is that!

Not that I had any plans of importance today--but still--kind of a bummer to look outside and see it! It's hard to believe that just 3 days ago we were hunting for Easter eggs! It was chilly--but nothing warning of snow! I guess we should be glad that it happened today--and not last Sunday!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

He Was Right

We have been planning for the past month or so where we were going to put the new TV. We new we both wanted an LCD mount on the wall in the family room. I was looking forward to being able to vacuum the entire floor without having to move any furniture. My husband was set on mounting the TV on the wall above the fireplace, but I wasn't so sure. I will admit, since the TV was his gift, I let him win that battle. And ya know what...he was right! I LOVE where the TV is at, and I still love not having to move any furniture when it's time to vacuum! It's HEAVEN, and I'm not sure why we waited so darn long!

The Boys First Job

We are house sitting this next week. Our neighbors are heading to the Outer Banks and we get the duty of taking care of their plants and their beautiful little Yorkie puppy. His name is Louie, which honestly, is just too big of a name for such a little dog.

My boys were actually asked to take care of it, but I'm just going to go with them to make sure they stay out of trouble. Not that they would rob the house or anything, but I want to be able to teach them how to respect other people's property, even when they aren't around to keep an eye on them.

They'll make a couple of bucks, and I think they are really looking forward to that part of the deal the most!

Grown Up Movie Night

I love period movies. I made my husband watch Emma with me last night. Yeah, it's a chick flick, but hey...there are corsets! What man doesn't like beautiful women in corsets? Well, corsets or not...he didn't enjoy the movie at all, and ended up switching it out for Slumdog Millionaire. But you know, it was a really funny movie. We had a great time...and I got popcorn. So it was a win win night for both of us!

Sick Week

I have been so sick the past week. Have you missed me? It was a week ago Friday. I was tossing and turning all night long. I knew I was miserable, but I was unpleasantly surprised when I woke up and I was sick. I could feel it coming on, and it was a humdinger. Even now I'm still in the midst of the lung portion of it.

My husband called on Saturday afternoon and let me know that I needed to go to the hospital because people he worked with had just gone through this and needed some really strong anti-biotics. Now let me just say.......I DO NOT take ant-biotics EVER!! Between the yeast infections and vaginal dryness...I think I'd rather get pneumonia! Sorry if that was a little too much on the info side...but truly, there isn't much worse!

It was a hard week for the kids. Two of my boys ended up sick and my daughter missed a few assignments in school on Friday, because I wasn't around to get her backpack together for her. So she has a little note going to school with her tomorrow apologizing to her teacher!

Cute Clothes

Do you watch the Real Housewive's of NYC? It has always been my favorite installment of all of the housewive's. This season is not one of my most favorite, although there are moments that have really liked. There were many shots of the Hamptons with different "horse" events. I have to say, equestrian apparel is my favorite look of all time! Especially on younger girls. One of the housewives is shown in her outfit, but you know, she didn't look nearly as cute as the teenager did.

I do NOT have the build to get away with this kind of outfit. My thighs are more stout than would look good in a cute pair of jodhpurs!

My First Shakley Party

Last Saturday I went to a party with a couple of people in my neighborhood. It was one of those parties where you go to someone's house and buy items from some party person. You know, it was a lot of fun. I did end up purchasing some fun items and hey, even joined "the club".

The party hostess was really nice and actually got her husband to watch my three little munchkins. My husband had taken Jake to his first Scout camp out and wouldn't be home before had to leave, so I got to take them with me.

One thing that I loved, every time the door opened there was a little beep from a wireless alarm and then a female computer voice goes "The front door has opened. The front door has opened." I WANT THAT! I found it odd because the people who owned the house don't even have kids, so why do we need to know when the door opens? Made me laugh!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just Stickin' My Toes In!

We are new to this whole "technology" thing! I mean, who besides us just recently purchased their first computer?? I had always wanted a laptop, but honestly I never really thought I would get one. Now just need to bulk up on my Mac memory and everything will be up and running smoothly.

You know what I'm just about ready to take the plunge with....an Ipod! I know, my husband thinks I'm crazy. I'm just not that much of a music person, but I realized that when you can pick and choose one song off of an entire album, without having to get all of the other songs I don't like...I'm in! So, hopefully soon, I can join the iPod generation too!