Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not On His Arm

Have you seen the beautiful Nautica watches? I would love to get my husband a beautiful watch that he would be proud to wear, but he's put his foot down since the day we got married. According to him...he will only wear a watch when he has purchased himself a Rolex! Four kids, a mortgage and weddings and colleges to pay for? I just don't think he'll ever wear a watch!


Yesterday was "Back To School" night for my kids. We headed over to the school a little late, and since everyone was calm I took the opportunity to bring up a bargain for them for their grades. I said, "If you guys get straight "A"s, I will give you..." and both boys piped in with an answer. Grayson threw out a PSP and Jacob threw out a PS3! I'm sorry...I was just going to offer full rights to a video game they hadn't quite earned yet, and they jumped straight to the big kahuna! It's not likely going to happen their way, I'm just hoping for good grades!

We Found Them All

Last weekend we went to Schaumburg to celebrate Septemberfest. They had an amazing firework display, but while we were waiting for it I had to think of a way to keep my kids occupied. We were sitting in the parking lot of a strip mall across the street and as I looked at the storefront signs in the front windows it dawned on me. We started looking for each letter of the alphabet in all of the different shops. I KNEW we weren't going to find all of the letters...what were the chances? But with shops with such neon names as "Boutique" and "Pizza" we were well on our way to finishing up the task. Until we hit "X"! Where in the world would an X be? Well, after a second or two my middle son saw an exit sign through the window of a Chinese buffet...what are the odds of that?