Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Makeover

Why? Oh Why, do I insist on never having my picture taken!! Today would have been the best chance to do something for myself--and sadly--I don't have a picture of myself to play with! I'm speaking, of course, to the new virtual makeover site I found. I've always wanted to do this. You know, take your picture and change your hairstyle, or hair color. Change your eyeshadow, lipstick. Really just a fun way to make some changes without spending the money on cosmetics that end up looking trashy or spending a fortune and a lot of time at the hairdressers with tragic results!

So instead of getting to play on myself-I chose a model, and played with her instead. It was still fun, and so interesting to see the change that just a little "style" can make. Especially using eye make up correctly. She goes from a beautiful girl, to a more defined beautiful girl. Here's what I mean:
She's such a cute girl anyway--but all dolled up she's very cute! This is why I wanted to do it to my own photo. I mean--it's FREE, you aren't out any money to play with how you look.

I may just have to bite the bullet and take a snapshot, I want to look good!

Summer Shipp

I was reading over at Venomous Kate's blog about a woman she knew 19 years ago. She went missing in December of 2004. Her daughter has been searching for her, and even made an appearance on the Montel Williams show. Her mom was working as a door to door market researcher when she disappeared.

Sadly, this week they found remains that have been positively identified as hers. What a tragic end. I never knew this woman, and here in Chicago, I had never even heard she was missing--but this story was captivating to me, and I felt so bad for everyone involved.

May Summer Shipp Rest In Peace!

It's Strep

I've been sick! How bad does that stink! I brought Daniel home from school thinking it was was strep! Luckily, we should all run through it before I have to fly out of town for 10 days! It's just a really bad time to get it now for me, because I have bags to pack, not only for me but for every child, and I'm sure as the time draws closer--I'll be packing for the man as well!

We fly out on Sunday morning--so I'm hoping that I will have the strength before then to get everything done--then I can just relax and sleep the entire flight into London! One can pray anyway!!