Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's All About The Boobs

I think it is so funny how everyone is obsessed with 'boob jobs' these days. Honestly--there was quite a stir as too whether or not Tyra Banks was completely 'natural' or not. Every new starlet that comes out gets the same speculation--and when it turns out that they had gotten Beverly Hills Breast Implants, it makes the front page of all of the gossip magazines! What is up with that! What happened to having just a little decorum!

That said--I do have to admit that although I have no need for that kind of surgery for my chest--I'm a little in the BIG department--it is nice to know that there is a good California cosmetic surgeon, because I do have a lot of other work I would like to have done! A little liposuction, some sculpting here and there, neck work--and heck--you might as well do a face lift while you are at it! I'm a whole package kind of girl! Just leave my boobs and booty alone! Oh, and my nose--nothing is more painful in my mind than the nose!

When it comes to Los Angeles plastic surgey you can bet you are getting the best. Not only is California number one in the country for plastic surgery procedures, they also take great pride in keeping their clinics not only clean, but beautiful! Truly--have you ever seen a waiting room that is more fitting to Beverly Hills than this one?

It looks cleaner than my house--and they are doing surgery in there! If I ever do get a chance to make some improvements--this is where you will find me! Maybe there will even be a reality show that follows me from beginning to end! Well, wait--I'm not dropping my drawers and baring my bosom for just anyone!! My husband would kill me!

Daniel's Weekend

What a day! The kids were really good! They usually are, but there are times when life and kids just choose to get hectic at the same time!

I had Daniel into the Emergency Room this weekend. He had a fever of 103.7, and was complaining of a really bad sore throat. My first thought was immediately Strep-and with 3 other kids in the house, we weren't taking any chances.

Turns out--his strep test was negative and they just classified it as Tonsillitis. So all is well and good--and he's been back to school both days this week, and he's feeling fine!

Playstation--To Play Or Not To Play??

My kids will be spending a week with their aunt and their cousins while we are in Europe. It's kind of funny--you'd think they would be excited most about having time with their cousins--but nope--it's the excitement of being able to play Playstation! We don't have one in our house-we used to until it broke and we never replaced it. I was looking online at this PS2, but haven't decided whether or not to purchase it. So it's a BIG deal to have for a whole week.

I guess I shouldn't tell them that the kids only get to play it on Saturdays, and only after their chores are done. Talk about a let down for my kids. Can you imagine being so excited to play something all day everyday for a week, only to find out that there is really only 12 hours with it--to divide amongst 6 kids? Poor kids--this will drive them crazy!

Fun New Contest

Are you creative? Do you like having the possibility of winning wonderful prizes? If so, I have a contest for you! Of course, you'll be up against the likes of my sister--and I have to tell you, she's amazing when it comes to talent and creativity--so you will definitely have to bring your "A Game". Of course, besides her--you have to create a logo that is even better than the current logo--and I have to sneak in my own humble opinion--the current one is awesome!!

What a great opportunity, not just to create, but to get your name on something really amazing if you win!

The contest is of course for the Ford Blue Oval Scholars. This is a wonderful scholarship program sponsoredby the Ford Motor Company Fund-so it's logo needs to be just as wonderful.

The prizes are great too. They are:

  • 1. First Place - Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design
    Premium = Retail $1,700
  • 2. Second Place - $300 for design software of choice
  • 3. Third Place - $150 for design software of choice
  • 4. Fourth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 5. Fifth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 6. Sixth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 7. Seventh Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 8. Eight Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 9. Ninth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 10. Tenth Place - $50 Music Download Card

If you are interested in participating in the logo design contest, you will want to visit their website for a full list of rules and regulations, but for starters you can enter up to three different logo ideas per week and all entries will be judged and selected by a panel of Ford Motor Company Fund employees and design experts. They will be basing their judgement on the representation of the Ford Scholars program, longevity and adaptability for use in different media, and positive visual impact.

It sounds like such a great contest, for a really great scholarship program--I can't wait to see the top ten!

Barrett's Early Birthday

We are heading over to my sisters house tonight for her son's Pre-3rd birthday bash. Not really--he's getting his gift tonight--and they will sing Happy Birthday-but his actual day isn't until the 26th and his party is on the 28th. They got him one of those ride on toys simply because of his fascination with cars. Lucky for me Brett doesn't share the same addiction! They are hopping to quell his interest in their cars with his own. He will love it--and I'm sure my boy will be green with envy until we get him one to match for Christmas! I can't wait to see his excitement tonight--we'll definitely have to take pictures!

Kitchenaid At Coupon Chief

Last night I was watching one of the shows on the cooking network. They were making pie crust--the one thing I try and fail miserably at consistently. As I watched them dumping all of the ingredients in (rather messy--and without the careful care I give my ingredients) I was surprised to see just how perfect their pie crust came out. I am much more careful and I get mush! As I watched I noticed they were using a dough hook. Now I have only ever seen a dough hook on a Kitchenaid stand mixer, and although I've always wanted one--now I REALLY WANT ONE!

So, I did what I always do! I headed online to see if I had any online coupons for a quality Kitchenaid mixer. I found just what I was looking for at Linens N Things. Kitchenaid was also available at CHEFS so it really came down to choice in color. I know--I'm incredibly picky about the color of my appliances--and will even pay a little more to get the color I want. I didn't need to in this case--I have a Stainless Steel Kitchenaid on order! How very cool!

I love CouponChief.com! It's one of those sites that you hear about use from then on. My sister found the site first, and couldn't wait to tell me all about it. There are hundreds of merchants listed with thousands of online coupon codes. You shop directly from the site, but when checking out--throw in your little Coupon Chief code-and you save 10% or more and even get free shipping at times. Christmas is coming--and it will be one site that I will use for all of my shopping needs!

European Vacation

I love that movie! My husband and I are in fact planning a little trip to Europe. Well, honestly--as with any trip to Europe--it isn't little by any stretch of the imagination or budget. We are going to be staying in London, Paris and Madrid-but I'm hoping to see so much more than just those three places. I've always wanted to go, but have waited 30 years to finally make it. It's just 3 short weeks away--and I can't wait.

Rob is going to take the kids, which is a huge life saver. She has four of her own, and I can't imagine taking on four more for 10 days--but she insists that she wants to and that it will be fun. mmmm hmmmmm, I'm sure!! Anyway, I will take a ton of pictures--and share them when I get home!

eLife Insurance

I love that you can pretty much purchase anything online these days. Heavens, my sister shopped for and found her house that way. Even my dad has turned into a web savvy shopper and he's 75 years old. He's bought bigger purchases than I have. He's bought a scooter and his biggest purchase yet...a huge, beautiful 5th wheel--from the internet. Yeah, he's got us squashed with that one-well, except for Robyn's house that is, her purchase was bigger. I generally shop for Christmas gifts, sports collectibles and insurance policies.

Speaking of insurance, it's been years since I've actually talked to an agent in order to get an insurance policy. In fact, in most cases I will move on to company number two rather than having to speak to an agent. Luckily, you can now buy every type of insurance online, even Life Insurance. That one was always the tricky one because they wanted a doctors visit. But now, you can get an eLifePolicy right from the privacy of your living room! No doctors appointment needed, and no agent to talk too. If you qualify for a policy, you can print your documents in minutes!

I love the ease technology brings to our lives! I'm just amazed we ever lived without this kind of stuff!

Fund Raising

Do you have kids in school with tons of different fund raising 'things' coming home? Yesterday my son came home selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Now I know, this is nothing new--but oh so lucky for me--I will actually buy these, and either make up neighbor gifts with them for Christmas--or eat them myself! It doesn't matter how many boxes he sells--but his dad took the sign up form to work today--I'm sure he'll beat his quota by the end of the day! Honestly, who can resist their melt in your mouth goodness?