Tuesday, October 2, 2007

eLife Insurance

I love that you can pretty much purchase anything online these days. Heavens, my sister shopped for and found her house that way. Even my dad has turned into a web savvy shopper and he's 75 years old. He's bought bigger purchases than I have. He's bought a scooter and his biggest purchase yet...a huge, beautiful 5th wheel--from the internet. Yeah, he's got us squashed with that one-well, except for Robyn's house that is, her purchase was bigger. I generally shop for Christmas gifts, sports collectibles and insurance policies.

Speaking of insurance, it's been years since I've actually talked to an agent in order to get an insurance policy. In fact, in most cases I will move on to company number two rather than having to speak to an agent. Luckily, you can now buy every type of insurance online, even Life Insurance. That one was always the tricky one because they wanted a doctors visit. But now, you can get an eLifePolicy right from the privacy of your living room! No doctors appointment needed, and no agent to talk too. If you qualify for a policy, you can print your documents in minutes!

I love the ease technology brings to our lives! I'm just amazed we ever lived without this kind of stuff!