Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Playstation--To Play Or Not To Play??

My kids will be spending a week with their aunt and their cousins while we are in Europe. It's kind of funny--you'd think they would be excited most about having time with their cousins--but nope--it's the excitement of being able to play Playstation! We don't have one in our house-we used to until it broke and we never replaced it. I was looking online at this PS2, but haven't decided whether or not to purchase it. So it's a BIG deal to have for a whole week.

I guess I shouldn't tell them that the kids only get to play it on Saturdays, and only after their chores are done. Talk about a let down for my kids. Can you imagine being so excited to play something all day everyday for a week, only to find out that there is really only 12 hours with it--to divide amongst 6 kids? Poor kids--this will drive them crazy!