Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's All About The Boobs

I think it is so funny how everyone is obsessed with 'boob jobs' these days. Honestly--there was quite a stir as too whether or not Tyra Banks was completely 'natural' or not. Every new starlet that comes out gets the same speculation--and when it turns out that they had gotten Beverly Hills Breast Implants, it makes the front page of all of the gossip magazines! What is up with that! What happened to having just a little decorum!

That said--I do have to admit that although I have no need for that kind of surgery for my chest--I'm a little in the BIG department--it is nice to know that there is a good California cosmetic surgeon, because I do have a lot of other work I would like to have done! A little liposuction, some sculpting here and there, neck work--and heck--you might as well do a face lift while you are at it! I'm a whole package kind of girl! Just leave my boobs and booty alone! Oh, and my nose--nothing is more painful in my mind than the nose!

When it comes to Los Angeles plastic surgey you can bet you are getting the best. Not only is California number one in the country for plastic surgery procedures, they also take great pride in keeping their clinics not only clean, but beautiful! Truly--have you ever seen a waiting room that is more fitting to Beverly Hills than this one?

It looks cleaner than my house--and they are doing surgery in there! If I ever do get a chance to make some improvements--this is where you will find me! Maybe there will even be a reality show that follows me from beginning to end! Well, wait--I'm not dropping my drawers and baring my bosom for just anyone!! My husband would kill me!


Arjen said...

I have nothing against boob jobs. My opinion is that, if getting one makes you more confident and makes you feel better about yourself, then I don't see any reason of depriving yourself with this joy.