Thursday, March 6, 2008

Loving The "Tech" World

In the high tech world, there are so many things that I would love to own. Honestly, I'd take my own computer for starters. But since I've been traveling so much recently I would love to own a laptop with a mobile router rather than having to constantly rent one. I believe if you add up all of my rental fees, I would have paid for one by now. Sad thought! I should probably start with baby steps and find a nice cell phone to begin with. Yes, I know, I'm the last living person in the world without one!

Hitting Vegas!!

I find it funny. In my life I have lived 6 hours outside of Vegas to the North---or 4 hours outside of Vegas to the South. During each of these stints of existence, I didn't make it to Vegas very often. Now that I'm living 1500 miles away--I seem to be making plans involving conventions, gambling, rodeo's and hotels Las Vegas! It costs far more for me to get out there now than it used to, and yet I never took advantage of it! This past week I was able to be there for a huge food convention, and like every other time--it was AWESOME!!