Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finding Drug Help!!

Great news!! I often blog about my poor nephew, stuck in the California justice system. He is a good kid--made some stupid mistakes--had a hard life--whatever excuses I could offer--He did the crime, and he's doing his time! Well, he has been in drug treatment and has just been waiting for a bed to open up in a halfway house nearby. As soon as that happened he would be able to transfer out of the rehab facility. If it didn't happen by tomorrow--he would be sent back to jail! Amazingly enough--we got the call this morning that he's on his way to the halfway house!

California jails are no where I want anybody I know--so that is just great news. The treatment center he was in was amazing and has been working really hard with him. Hopefully this third time is a charm!

It's A Boy

Our niece had her baby. Just over a week ago. A little boy. She named him Dashawn Anthony. I haven't seen the baby, other than a quick snap shot of him--and what's sad, I'm not sure I'll ever get to see the baby. At least as a newborn. There have been so many problems with this family that we all just tend to keep our distance. What makes me the most sad is the change in this girl! She was doing great, good grades big plans for the future--then suddenly in her Jr. year of high school, she dropped out--then moved out--then moved back in--got pregnant--and then moved out with her family. She turned 18 last January and got about $25K from a trust that was set up after she was mauled by a dog. That money was going to put her through Message Therapy school--or at least pay for some of it. Now all of the money is gone--she's bought a car, new bedroom set and baby "stuff". Not quite the kick off into life we were hoping for! It's all just very sad--I miss the old days!