Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dinner Waffles

Do you ever feel like a bad mom? I do--constantly. Tonight for dinner--we had waffles. Yeah, I know, but I was talking to Rob earlier this week and that's what she was making for her family. Now this wasn't your ordinary "Bisquick" waffle dinner--this is from scratch baby! They taste so much better that way! The stiffly beaten egg whites, just make them a little crispier on the outside and yet soft and warm on the inside! We were going to go for taco's tonight--but after talking to her--it was waffles all the way! I didn't have syrup, so we just had the real butter and granulated sugar on top! mmmmmm, dessert for dinner!! The kids loved it!

Newest Project

I've spent most of the day today getting the house emptied out. Well, as much as possible with 6 people still living in it--but we are making some changes to the house that the kids age really can't hurt-but will be so nice to have done. Mostly today, well, this weekend--we are in the bathroom. We are getting a new tub, a new Kohler sink--a better toilet--and beautiful storage cabinets. The vanity--the mirror and all of the lights will be changed out by Monday--but tomorrow--the new tile comes in! I can't wait! It's beautiful--12x12 set at an angle--it will also follow the angle up the tub, and then up the walls around it. It will also be floor to ceiling in the shower as well!

Yes, my house is undergoing some minor cosmetic changes--but this time on Tuesday--I will be living in that room, and refusing to move!!

Boring Sunday

My husband actually had to go into work today! It's such a rarity that he works on the weekends. I don't know why--but when his schedule is a little off like this-it totally messes up my day!! I have a couple of errands to run--and I really should drop in on family for a quick visit. There is a new baby in the family--I refuse to hold, celebrate, talk goofy to this baby--but I really do need to bring some sort of gift!! So I have to go out and find something appropriate, but not to fussy--that's all baby mama needs to jump in and have another one!! She seems to be in the birthing industry for the attention it gets her--hence my lack of attention!!

I need to make a doctors appointment for Daniel. He's always grown out (hefty) before he's grown taller. We've just seemed to have been in the "hefty" stage for a long time. I want to make sure his body is in order. We have so many health problems floating around our genetic pool--that I would rather find something out now and help him out--rather than find it later--after he's been made fun of for being a 'round' kid!! My thoughts--thyroid problems! Yes, he's really young--but it's in every family member--so it may just be!!

I'm Too Old For This

You have heard me complain about my skin unceasingly on this blog. I know, it's old...but honestly, I'm too old to still be having the kind of problems I have. Freckles, zits, blackheads...I'm nearly 38 years old...what is up with that? I recently purchased a couple of skin care products with the hope that it would help clear my skin up. But I had the opposite reaction. My skin broke out, and that break out not only lasted a week and a hurt! And it was due to a "higher" priced moisturizer. I was under the impression that because it cost more, it had to be better, right? Wrong! It was horrible! And just to finish the little tub that I purchased, I use it on the chapped skin on my elbows and ankles. Yes...$30 for ankle cream! I think I'm heading in for a microdermabrasion next! Maybe if they just totally resurface my skin, I might just find some relief. I hope's been 22 years!!