Sunday, March 15, 2009

Newest Project

I've spent most of the day today getting the house emptied out. Well, as much as possible with 6 people still living in it--but we are making some changes to the house that the kids age really can't hurt-but will be so nice to have done. Mostly today, well, this weekend--we are in the bathroom. We are getting a new tub, a new Kohler sink--a better toilet--and beautiful storage cabinets. The vanity--the mirror and all of the lights will be changed out by Monday--but tomorrow--the new tile comes in! I can't wait! It's beautiful--12x12 set at an angle--it will also follow the angle up the tub, and then up the walls around it. It will also be floor to ceiling in the shower as well!

Yes, my house is undergoing some minor cosmetic changes--but this time on Tuesday--I will be living in that room, and refusing to move!!