Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Too Old For This

You have heard me complain about my skin unceasingly on this blog. I know, it's old...but honestly, I'm too old to still be having the kind of problems I have. Freckles, zits, blackheads...I'm nearly 38 years old...what is up with that? I recently purchased a couple of skin care products with the hope that it would help clear my skin up. But I had the opposite reaction. My skin broke out, and that break out not only lasted a week and a hurt! And it was due to a "higher" priced moisturizer. I was under the impression that because it cost more, it had to be better, right? Wrong! It was horrible! And just to finish the little tub that I purchased, I use it on the chapped skin on my elbows and ankles. Yes...$30 for ankle cream! I think I'm heading in for a microdermabrasion next! Maybe if they just totally resurface my skin, I might just find some relief. I hope's been 22 years!!