Friday, September 28, 2007

Jingle Bells-Already

I can't believe it is already October! That just means that Christmas and the need for fabulous christmas gift ideas are right around the corner. Lucky for me, I have my gifts to my in laws and to my parents all planned out! The kids have each sent me a picture of each of their kids. We are getting them made into a group photo and then having that photo put on canvas by Canvas On Demand, and then having it beautifully framed! What a treasure to have all of your grandchildren on a piece of art! I think they will LOVE it!

The Elk

Here is the promised picture! None of mine turned out-we were shooting into the sun-so I guess it would make sense that my crappy camera would fail at that moment. All of the pictures are way too washed out. Luckily, I was able to steal one from Rob's.

The cool thing about the Elk--they are always right there. Ok, well only two of the 20 were close today-but some days you can literally walk up and see 20 Elk standing by the fence.

I Want This Clock

I have been doing some shopping recently! Window shopping until now! We have hit upon a little bit extra in our savings account. Now mind you, we have a pretty good savings account-so I'm thinking a little "splurge" won't be that bad! I'm not talking like buying a new car or boat or anything--just a small (medium) piece of home decor.

I have always loved grandfather clocks, but they have always seemed just a little too old fashioned or too big--or the color didn't match my furniture--or heck, the style has rarely matched my furniture. Until I found this one. It's wood is a perfect match to the rest of my living room furniture, and the style is highly complimentary!

I have heard amazing things about Howard Miller clocks. Mainly about their quality and durability. I'm most impressed by the price. This beautiful--PERFECT clock is currently selling online for $2100! That is jaw dropping--less than we paid for our piano--and honestly--I will get more use out of the clock than the piano. I'm so excited--I can't wait to get it into my entry way--I think I will be playing with it for weeks to come!

California Law

I've decided that if I ever want to get in trouble with the law and get away with it, I just have to wait until I'm rich and famous, and then head to California to begin my crime spree! I mean really! Did you hear Phil Spector had a mis-trial? Mind you--just because you look like the creepiest man in the history of the world--it doesn't make you a murderer--but COME ON!!! First OJ--dead to rights guilty! Then Robert Blake--dead to rights guilty! And now Phil Spector--mistrial!

I do have to say--it isn't that the prosecution is failing in any way shape or form. I think ordinary people are so star struck that they can't get past the persona of the man in order to come to the correct verdict. Hence--I have to be famous--actually--according to my own logic--I guess I have to be a man! Darn it! Foiled again!

I found a Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog | California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum that discusses all things "Law" in California. I found it very enlightening--from Paris and Lindsay--to Britney and Kiefer-the dynamics are just amazing. The blog is authored by none other than Dmitry Gorin, is a Professor at UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. You may recognize him, as he provides frequent commentary on Court TV--pretty cool!

I Wanna A Free Raleigh, NC Getaway

My husband has family all over the United States. That makes seeing this wonderful country of ours a little easier than most. We've had the opportunity to spend time in New England, Southern California, Arizona, Washington and Florida. We haven't made it to visit his Aunt in North Carolina, although I found out today that there is a great contest we can register for to win a Free Raleigh Getaway.
That is so exciting--whenever I think of the South I think of the history that comes along with it. The beautiful colonial architecture, the plantations, the hospitality; Everything you can picture when you watch old movies about the South. Mind you, it's definitely a modern city as well--it just happens to be Modern wrapped in History!

The contest prize is amazing! Hotel, tickets to museums and other cultural events like the Mysteries of the Lost Colony, a gift certificate for two for dinner. You name it-everything you need for an amazing Fall Getaway!

I think this sounds perfect! There is so much to see in this beautiful, historic city--I would want to spend more than one night--so maybe we'll use our hotel night (if we win) and then spend the rest of our getaway with his family! Sans kids-what could be more perfect??

Elections Again

I'm so amazed that there so much "campaigning" going on right now. We are still just over a year from the elections, and yet they are all that seem to be dominating the evening news. Both parties have now had debates, and several are scrambling to gloss over comments that their wives had made. I don't pay too much attention at this point-but I guess when it gets closer I'll have to start listening.