Friday, September 28, 2007

I Want This Clock

I have been doing some shopping recently! Window shopping until now! We have hit upon a little bit extra in our savings account. Now mind you, we have a pretty good savings account-so I'm thinking a little "splurge" won't be that bad! I'm not talking like buying a new car or boat or anything--just a small (medium) piece of home decor.

I have always loved grandfather clocks, but they have always seemed just a little too old fashioned or too big--or the color didn't match my furniture--or heck, the style has rarely matched my furniture. Until I found this one. It's wood is a perfect match to the rest of my living room furniture, and the style is highly complimentary!

I have heard amazing things about Howard Miller clocks. Mainly about their quality and durability. I'm most impressed by the price. This beautiful--PERFECT clock is currently selling online for $2100! That is jaw dropping--less than we paid for our piano--and honestly--I will get more use out of the clock than the piano. I'm so excited--I can't wait to get it into my entry way--I think I will be playing with it for weeks to come!


Hoto said...

the best clocks like this you can find in germany in the schwarzwald area.