Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moving On

Summer is coming! You know, swimsuit weather! Honestly, drop me a quick fat loss pill because it won't be pretty! My husband's parents have a pool in their backyard which really makes it nice for me. This way my kids get plenty of time swimming, but I don't have to don a swimsuit out in public. How nice is that!

Sadly, my in laws are losing their house sometime soon, and moving into the house we just moved out of. Truly they are lucky to have a home (free and clear) to be moving into. But it is a huge step down from the house they've been living in. My mother in law is having a hard time, but when we left we had everything repainted, new carpeting and hard wood floors put in for the kitchen and back porch. It really is a much nicer house for them than it was for us. Plus, there's only two of them moving into the two bedroom house. There were six of us and 2 dogs trapped in there!

Either way, it is a step down for them and they just aren't happy about it at all. And sadly, I really don't blame them!

Fashion Plate

She's Back! My sister has been gone all weekend, up in Wisconsin with her husbands family. It makes for a very quiet weekend at home when her family isn't around. Kind of pathetic how dependent you can become on someone else and their kids in order to have a social life!

We didn't do much this weekend--just some cleaning and some shopping. Have you ever taken a 10 year old boy shopping? Last year I could dress him in whatever I purchased-he didn't care. Not this year! It has to be perfect--right down to his shoes. I fully expected this from my DIVA daughter--but not my fashionably inept son! Well, he's turned into a "Fashion Plate" and unless I find wholesale clothes, he's going to break the bank! Watch out all you 5th grade girls!!