Friday, March 13, 2009

Big & Little Girls Night Out

What a fun night! We did in fact go to Benihana's, but what made this girls night out even more fun...we brought our girls!! We both have been blessed with 3 boys and 1 girl. Blake (named after me) turned 4 on December 7, and Kate turned 4 on January 12. We weren't originally going to take them, but Blake had a field trip earlier in the day--and when she got home she got a bath and her hair washed and conditioned--and then Rob felt "adventurous" and blew her hair dry with a little mousse in it. It's getting so long--and with it off of her face her amazing blue eyes just jump out at you. So then she painted her fingernails and toe nails--and just got her all girly. Not for any particular reason--she was just having fun. But when they got here--she asked if it was alright if we made it a real "girls night out" and took the little ladies with us! I thought it was a great idea. Robyn worked with the girls on some poise and table manners--both girls loved having their napkins draped across their laps like grown ups. They loved every minute of it. They chattered away with each other and us--and still gave us "grown up" girls time to chat too!

I hope we do it again really soon!

Friday Night Movie Night

Tonight is Friday Night Movie Night! It's an idea that we adopted from my sister Robyn. My kids don't have school the next day--so we check out the Pay Per View films on Directv, and have pizza. They get to stay up late, watching a movie they want to see--and I get a few minutes of time to myself (in the next room over). So we are looking up movies to watch, the pizza is in the oven--and the kids are in their jammies!

I have to make popcorn the old fashioned way--we are out of microwave popcorn--and I'm really not up to using the machine--Yes, it's less work--but popcorn off of the stove, just tastes better!! So that will be our "treat" for the movie!

Girls Night Out!!

I'm trying to make arrangements tonight for my sister and I to go to dinner together. Our problem--between us we have 8 kids--and husbands that work way to much!! I think she is going to drop her kids off at my house--and I will have two teenaged girls from the neighborhood come in and watch them all! It doesn't save any money-because I'll pay one girl, and Robyn will pay the other-so we didn't save anything on child care. But honestly--would you leave one 16 year old girl in charge of 8 kids?? 2 of those kids are toddler boys--and they would need a sitter just for them!

I'm not sure where we'll eat--neither one of us are really picky. I just have to get my kids home from school and get their homework and chores done--and then the party can begin!

Ok--now I'm thinking...Benihana!!

Looking For Laptops

As anyone who has read this blog for a while knows, this family has been slow in moving into the "computer age". Yeah, I've had this blog for nearly 2 years...but we just recently purchased our own computer. So seeing how it took almost a decade of marriage to get the first it too early to be looking at laptop deals?

I just keep thinking how efficient I could be on a laptop. I could take it to the park with me, while my kids play...I can get some of my "online" work accomplished. Sitting at the McDonald's play place...same thing! I don't make a whole lot of money with my online stores and whatnot to truly validate the expense, but honestly...I'm starting to obsess! We'll see how long I can hold out!!