Friday, March 13, 2009

Girls Night Out!!

I'm trying to make arrangements tonight for my sister and I to go to dinner together. Our problem--between us we have 8 kids--and husbands that work way to much!! I think she is going to drop her kids off at my house--and I will have two teenaged girls from the neighborhood come in and watch them all! It doesn't save any money-because I'll pay one girl, and Robyn will pay the other-so we didn't save anything on child care. But honestly--would you leave one 16 year old girl in charge of 8 kids?? 2 of those kids are toddler boys--and they would need a sitter just for them!

I'm not sure where we'll eat--neither one of us are really picky. I just have to get my kids home from school and get their homework and chores done--and then the party can begin!

Ok--now I'm thinking...Benihana!!