Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missed Oportunities

I was having a conversation last Thursday night with a woman in my neighborhood. She's quite a bit older than me, and we really don't have much in common but it was interesting to talk. Turns out that several years ago, she and her husband had had the opportunity to invest in Aspartame. Yes, THAT Aspartame. It was just getting started and the developers were looking for investors to drop $1000 to help get them started. She said that they had the money, but were looking at other options and inevitably turned the investment down. I couldn't believe my ears! Aspartame....they would have like a gazillion dollars by now! That would be like turning down an offer to put a little money down to back a phentermine diet pill! As I stood there with my mouth agape, I tried to think of anytime in my life when I've let any type of opportunity slip away. Maybe they weren't as huge as her opportunity lost....but who knows where we would be right now, had we been willing to "fail fantastically"....for that is always when others find the most success!