Thursday, January 10, 2008

Golf Addiction

My father in law is the worlds biggest golfer. It's something that he's loved to do since he was a teenager. I have never gotten into the game of golf--I don't really understand the impetus behind it. But it keeps him young, and it keeps me covered when it comes to gift giving ideas. Well, me and everyone else in the family. There is always something new for golfers. Did you know that there are now Nike golf clubs? As if cornering the shoe market weren't enough--they've moved into clubs. I think that's kind of cool! I just wish we lived somewhere where he could get out and golf year round. Maybe when they retire!

2008 Resolution

I have loved being able to use my sisters computer whenever I've needed it. Our old computer would be pretty easy to fix, it just needs a new hard drive, but it would also need to be updated in many other areas as well. It's more of a dinosaur than anything else.

This year is the year of our new computer! I know this because it's what I'm saving up for. Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas--you name it, I'm saving for it! I will miss the "chat" time I get every week with my sister, but honestly--she can't love having us all over at her house all that much!!