Monday, November 16, 2009

Hand Dryers

Are all kids drawn to hand dryers? I swear, every restroom we are in, my daughter (6 1/2) must wash her hands and sit with them under the dryer until they are practically chapped from being so dry. There are paper towel dispensers along the other wall which would be much quicker, but no, she must dry! It isn't that she's being all 'conservation minded', she just likes the fact that something mechanical dries her hands for her.

I remember being up in the mountains at summer camp. We would have to be up at the crack of dawn, and even though it was summer--it was always freezing up there. We would hang out for the flag ceremony, and then we would dash to the bathroom, and turn the blowers on--and just stand in front of them. Anything to get warm!

So Proud

I was filling out some paper work for some of the ladies at church, and came across a name of someone I'd never met. Mind you, I've been in the area and the same church for over two years, I should know everybody right? Turns out this young lady has picked up and moved to the Dominican Republic to work on humanitarian projects. How amazing is that? I can't imagine being so self-less, and I have to say, I'm humbled by her. So if you are ever in santo domingo look up Sister Cutler for me---just see how she's doing!

I Want It!!

We are remodeling our basement. I know, it's a recession...what are we thinking! Honestly, we are updating it, and adding a kitchen. In case we need to move elderly parents in--or even rent out the space for added income. We were looking at sinks and faucets the other day, when we saw the COOLEST bar faucets ever! Mind you, I've never really been into a bar---so I don't know if they are what real bars use--but you hold the glass upside down and push it toward the faucet, and a gush of hot water hits it--and cleans it. OH MY HEAVENS....I want one so bad! I don't think we use too many glasses. I'm not sure it would be used much at all. But oh it was so cool!