Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boston Tables

There are some amazing areas in the lobby and in our room to sit. Just comfy, sit back and relax recliners that make you melt right into them. They seem a lot like the chairs that our neighbors have in their basement. So comfy when you sit to watch a movie. I've never really looked at home theater seating, but I'm thinking it may just be something to save up for when we get home. The basement is finished, we just have to figure out what we want to put down there. There is a side room that is seeming like it will be just perfect for a home theater.

This home theater furniture is from Boston Table, and when I get home, they will be the first stop I make! Doesn't it just look like you can become one with the chair? Our TV would be a bit farther from the chairs than in this picture--but all in all the same concept!

We're Here

That last flight was a bit choppy--and the fact that you are over the ocean hold no comfort at all! I kept asking my husband to remind me why we were doing this. I did get to sleep most of the way--but it was a lot shorter flight than my brain thought it would be. Just a little more than the flight we took to Cancun from Salt Lake when I was younger.

We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel so that I could check in and get things settled while he ran and "collected our rental" as the front desk person called it. Very cool! The hotel seems to be really nice--mind you I've seen the lobby, the elevators and our room. Mind you there is WiFi throughout--so I'm sittin' pretty!

This is our hotel, it's The Grand at Trafalgar Square--and I have to tell you--it's like two blocks from Charing Cross station. Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan--it makes traveling a little more fun! Anyway--I'm going to be on a few more minutes until the car is back--and then we are going to dinner and off to see the city at night! Pictures to come!!

New China Pattern

I have Christmas Dinner at my house this year. We switch every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this year it's mine. I'm realizing that I'm tremendously unprepared this year because when we redid the house last spring, I got rid of all of my old fashioned china that I chose when we got married. Word to the wise--chose something classic--after 10 years of marriage, you are going to want it!

Something like this is what I'm leaning toward. It's elegant, but so perfect with whatever color scheme you choose for your table. Whether it's fall colors for Thanksgiving or the Green, Red and Gold for Christmas. You never have to change your beautiful china. This pattern is Villeroy & Boch's Cellini pattern, and like I said--I'm dreaming of it!

My old pattern was very colorful with greens and peach--colors I never use anywhere, anytime. So I sold it--and have been holding off purchasing a new set until I found one that I love. And this is it. Plus, it comes with everything you need for your holiday meals, there is even a soup tureen and a darling gravy boat. There is even a matching Tea Service, which even though I don't drink tea, I love the look of a Tea Service!

Right now through October 31st, you can purchase any serveware with a discount of 20%. Since these pieces can get pricey, this is a wonderful, unexpected bonus!

They're Fine!!

I just called home to get an update on the kids. It's never easy feeling like you can leave your child overnight with someone. I never want to be an imposition--but I have FOUR kids!! And the thought of leaving all four with someone is a scary thought. Especially when you consider I'm leaving them with my sister who has 4 kids of her own. The next 10 days-she has 8 kids! That is just craziness!

I will be making it up to her in the future, I hope. She and her husband don't travel too much, although they are going to Vegas in a couple of weeks. Sadly--I'm going with them, so I can't return the favor then.

The kids are all doing well, and getting along pretty good. Mind you-it's still the honeymoon stage. I'm expecting major trouble in 4 or 5 days!

ORIKI Cosmeceuticals

I was not born with good skin. I think it must run in the family because, honestly--mine isn't even the worst. I have combination skin, with a somewhat ruddy complexion--and as bad as that is, it's pretty easily managed and hidden.

There are some skin types like my husbands family. They have olive toned skin, and when their skin gets inflamed or when breakouts occur, they actually get darker patches of skin on their face. Many ethnicities also face this problem, and although they are can have problematic skin--their coloring is really enviable.

ORIKI Cosmeceuticals has worked to develop the right skin care formulation, with the proper ingredients to properly nourish and care for this sensitive skin. There are over 8,000 skin care products released annually--and many of these contain the very ingredients that cause problems for the Olive skin toned people. The ORIKI line was developed by American Board Certified Dermatologist and Biochemist, and it incorporates the pigmentation factor into the formulation of its skincare line.

Because my daughter has a bit of her fathers coloring, I will be starting early to train her how to properly care for her skin. I found this great skin whitening kit that comes with a Whitening Serum, a Rejuvenating Cream, a Facial Cleanser and a Toner. Mind you--my daughter is only 5, so I will need to wait a few years to introduce this type of wonderful product. I'm just happy it's out there!

Atlanta Layover

Well, we made it to Atlanta! We are here for a total of two hours before catching our connecting flight out. The flight from Chicago wasn't too bad-- turbulent wise, but it's always nice to be back on solid ground.

I was happy to find that I can sit here for the layover and blog--This laptop borrowing thing may need to come to an end--I want one of these!