Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ORIKI Cosmeceuticals

I was not born with good skin. I think it must run in the family because, honestly--mine isn't even the worst. I have combination skin, with a somewhat ruddy complexion--and as bad as that is, it's pretty easily managed and hidden.

There are some skin types like my husbands family. They have olive toned skin, and when their skin gets inflamed or when breakouts occur, they actually get darker patches of skin on their face. Many ethnicities also face this problem, and although they are can have problematic skin--their coloring is really enviable.

ORIKI Cosmeceuticals has worked to develop the right skin care formulation, with the proper ingredients to properly nourish and care for this sensitive skin. There are over 8,000 skin care products released annually--and many of these contain the very ingredients that cause problems for the Olive skin toned people. The ORIKI line was developed by American Board Certified Dermatologist and Biochemist, and it incorporates the pigmentation factor into the formulation of its skincare line.

Because my daughter has a bit of her fathers coloring, I will be starting early to train her how to properly care for her skin. I found this great skin whitening kit that comes with a Whitening Serum, a Rejuvenating Cream, a Facial Cleanser and a Toner. Mind you--my daughter is only 5, so I will need to wait a few years to introduce this type of wonderful product. I'm just happy it's out there!