Monday, August 10, 2009

They Aren't Coming

My older brother and his family were supposed to be heading here for Thanksgiving. Usually they are on one of their orlando vacations, but this year they were going to come here instead. But now it turns out, that my sister in law's mother has booked them a week in her time share in Hawaii. I wanna go!

Now normally I would be thrilled for them, but these people and their children have been to Hawaii, Mexico and Orlando every year since their oldest kids were born...they've NEVER been to Chicago! But, we do understand and wish them the best.

They will miss out on the great trip we had planned!!

I've Been A Redo Fool!

I came home from vacation with the sudden urge to finish up every household project that I've been putting off for 2 years. I've pulled down all of the wallpaper in the kitchen, spack'ed, sanded and primed all of the kitchen walls. This week--the new color goes on. I've got fabric to sew all of the window hangings and to recover all of the bar stools. I'm even ready to head outside and hang my own shutters. They've been sitting in the garage for over a year!

The only thing I wasn't planning on shopping! Well, maybe a couple of new couches but now I have to add a tv stand to the list. We have a huge, heavy TV. It's always sat on this sturdy (or so I thought) stand. But today my four year old was climbing on the glass shelf (under the TV) to reach the turtle food---and it came a crashing down. The shelf...not the TV--THANK HEAVENS!! But it's the shelf that holds the DVD player and the Dish box---so that will be another job added to my list!

Who Knew!

I have never been on the cusp of the Technological revolution! In fact, I'm usually the one clinging to my trusty old standbys longer than anyone I know. Turntable? Still got one--and it works great! In fact, the 8 track tape controls are connected to it--and that works too! Yeah, I'm slow--and probably the last person to ever look at ipods--but I'm tellin' ya...I MUST have one! I have the cute little "computer" one that sits in the side bar of my Facebook page--which is where I learned the true and absolute joy that comes with a random selection of every song I've ever loved at my finger tips!

Yep...I'm SOLD!