Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Day--Nothing Amazing...

Today my kids spent the day over at the neighbors house! It is an easy day for me--but also a pretty hard one! When Brett realizes that he has to same home with just mom--he's broken hearted! Kate did have pre-school today, which was strange since everyone else is on Spring Break-but her class had Spring Break a couple of weeks ago!

School starts back up on Monday. I think I will head to the doctor that day-or Tuesday. I still have the walking pneumonia that I've had for MONTHS!! I guess we are in for a strong dose of antibiotics. Never a fun thing--yeast and all! It will be nice for the kids to be back in school full time--for the remaining 8 weeks of school anyway. They love it--and I definitely need my daily routine back. Amazing how trashed the house can get with all four of them home for a week!