Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can't Eat It

Have you ever noticed that the best appetite suppressant is cooking?? I know, that sounds so strange. But I can be dying for scrambled eggs--and if I've cooked them, and smelled them while they cook--I can no longer eat them. Yet, if we were to pile in the car and head to Denny's I could eat multiple servings! It's the same with most hamburger products as well--and ALL chicken! I don't know if it's the smell that the foods give off--but yes, I'm no longer able to eat anything after I've cooked it. (And no it isn't that I'm a bad cook---my kids and husband LOVE my cooking)

It's The Law

My brother in law is an attorney and we find that whenever we have a legal question (whether it's business law related or not) we will always call him for his advice first. My cousin has been living back east for several years and has been loving all of the things that life affords her. However, she's found her self in need of one of the really good New York accident lawyers, so she called me to see if I could call him for a referral to find a good one. Glad to see we aren't the only ones who use and abuse him!!

Awesome Find

I started taking Vivix from Shaklee this week, and I have to say---I LOVE it! I was a little worried that it would carry some of the same side effects as some weight loss pills. You know, the jittery, jumpy, fuzzy head. But there was none of that. Just pure unadulterated energy--and the four days I've been on it have been AWESOME!

I just wish it was less expensive. But honestly, the result is worth it. I actually scoured my refrigerator---and it's needed that for MONTHS!


Tomorrow is the first day of fall! Can you believe it! Time to winterize the house. Luckily my husband has the day off tomorrow. He is in charge of everything outside--like the faucets and spigots and such. I do the inside like the furnace filters and the new batteries for the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Pretty easy, eh? We have a huge air conditioner in the back yard, and we don't touch it---but the one in my bedroom window will most likely stay there throughout the winter. I am a person who is never cool---so it may be the middle of February before we pull that one in!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time To Get Rid Of It

So, would you look for the best fat burner now?? Or would you wait until after the holiday binge has past? I know--it's the same question every year. My baby is nearing 5 and I'm still holding on to his baby weight. It's definitely time to do something about it. With the weather cooling down, I should be able to do a bit more out of the house. Maybe walk the kids to school some mornings. Tomorrow we are going raspberry picking--so that will be a little activity.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girl Chat!!

We have a HUGE family! We are a divided family--my mom brought three kids into the marriage and my dad brought 4. So there are 7 base kids, plus each one has a spouse, bringing that up to 14, plus 19 grand kids and 1 great-grand baby. So the total at any family occasion is 35! Add in grandparents and aunts and uncles and you've got quite the room full. Now just imagine that one of them is gone and calling home for the holiday! After you've passed the lucky telephoner around the room--you are talking an hour long distance phone call!! Those pennies add up pretty darn quick!

We have an all "Girl" call every Sunday night. Generally my mom calls my oldest sister, puts her on hold and gets my next sister on the line, and then conferences me in lastly! It's quite a chore, but we seem to manage at least a short catch up conversation every Sunday night! For the other times--that is what this blog is for--updating the family on the goings on in our world!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We recently had to "upgrade" to the AT&T/Yahoo system from the old SBC/Yahoo one. Let me tell you---I hate it! I'm very near dropping AT&T all together because of such a crappy product!

We will be right in the middle of something and up pops a message telling us that we are unable to connect to the internet--would you like to continue to work offline--however, we are connected at the time. Well, you select the try to sign on again button, and nothing happens, but it seems happy with itself for the moment. Then 10 seconds later it does it again! Literally it's every 10 seconds! I'm getting so angry!! I will be looking into other DSL providers tomorrow! If anyone has any great ideas--let me know!