Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girl Chat!!

We have a HUGE family! We are a divided family--my mom brought three kids into the marriage and my dad brought 4. So there are 7 base kids, plus each one has a spouse, bringing that up to 14, plus 19 grand kids and 1 great-grand baby. So the total at any family occasion is 35! Add in grandparents and aunts and uncles and you've got quite the room full. Now just imagine that one of them is gone and calling home for the holiday! After you've passed the lucky telephoner around the room--you are talking an hour long distance phone call!! Those pennies add up pretty darn quick!

We have an all "Girl" call every Sunday night. Generally my mom calls my oldest sister, puts her on hold and gets my next sister on the line, and then conferences me in lastly! It's quite a chore, but we seem to manage at least a short catch up conversation every Sunday night! For the other times--that is what this blog is for--updating the family on the goings on in our world!!