Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Break

10 more days of school! I'm amazed. I have Kate signed up for summer camp, but I haven't done anything with either of the older boys. They do have baseball, but not much going on to occupy their summer. They do love to play outside and ride their bikes, so if I do do a summer camp program, I may only do it 2 days a week. Of course, we tried that two years ago, and by the end of it--they had wanted to go every day, and so we signed them up for that. I'm trying to decided if I should just bite the bullet and put them in everyday--or just the two.

With cousins pretty close, I do want to have time for them to get to play together. My sister might be moving this summer, so it will be nice to have the kids taken care of so I can help her. I guess that is my job for the day!