Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stores Online

I was just over at a new website I found. It's, and it's really amazing! It is a site building website with not only a ton of valuable information, but the ability to get you a website that is easy to manage and accessible anywhere in the world. First up--they help you create an eye pleasing website. They can work with you on your company logo--help you find banners and professional looking photography for your site. Once your site is up and running, you have the tools you need to not only run your online business, but everything you need to make it a success! You do have to put some work in too! What is that old saying, "Nothing worth having is Free"--OK, it's something like that, but you get the picture! Stores Online can get you a great website--but you still have to bring the product--with both in place--you'll do just fine!

Big Ben & Parliament

I have to apologize! My digital camera doesn't connect to the laptop I have, so for all of the following pictures-- until we get home, I have to use pictures from the internet! I'm hoping once we are home I can swap out my pictures for the 'borrowed' ones!

Our hotel is right on Trafalgar Square. A block from Charing Cross station, and pretty much the same from Piccadilly Circus. We were up early--and then again late--jet lag--staying up all night--we finally had lunch in the hotel restaurant and headed out on foot.

Oh my heavens, the atmosphere is electric! I thought strolling down Michigan Avenue in Chicago was electric, but I was so wrong! We did a little shopping--and will do a little more! I do want a Harrod's handbag. Extravagant yes, but oh so wanted!!

We saw most of the city by night last night, and that was amazing! But today we did see Big Ben and Parliament--what a huge and amazing building that is!! I just wish we had more than just three days here! We are in now for a little nap before supper. We are hitting a local Pub--I'm so excited!! Life among the natives!