Friday, March 14, 2008

Patio Furniture

My sister and her husband bought a new home last fall. They were too late to find outdoor furniture in the end of the season sales, but were to late. They have their eyes on some beautiful pieces and I can't wait to head over and use their huge backyard while the kids play to their hearts content! Plus, they will be messing up her yard instead of mine. Not really, I hope to have them all over at my house as well. It's just not as big or nearly as fun!

A Weekend Out

We had the opportunity last weekend to get a room at the Hotel Intercontinental in downtown Chicago last weekend for a birthday party. I have to say, we were quite spoiled! Not only did we have an opportunity to enjoy their wonderful restaurants, and their Junior Olympic indoor swimming pool but they had the coolest rooms. Did you know you can actually put your TV in a cabinet--push a button on your remote and silently your TV will rise up on a plasma lift? I've never heard of such a thing--but I have to say, it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Now, it's definitely on my list of wants for the coming year!

Spring Is Springing

I walked around the yard today and was so excited to see some little green stems starting to poke their heads up. Spring is coming. I do love Spring, but with it we get that much closer to the overwhelming heat of summer. I LOVE the three other seasons. I love sweatshirt weather! I love having the chance to snuggle into some Emu Australia boots! I love the smell of chimneys blowing smoke from freshly lit fires while the dry leaves crackle beneath your feet! These are all the comforts of Fall--and I guess the closer we get to Summer--we are that much closer to Fall as well!