Monday, March 3, 2008

Kid In A Candy Store

I had a good laugh at my husband over the weekend. I've been starting some "Spring Cleaning" projects and asked him while he was out to pick me up some razor blades. I've been working on the windows and there is some goop squinched into the corners that I'd like to scrape out. He makes it home a few hours later (never can get a 'quick trip' out of him when he goes to the Home Depot)and instead of getting me plain old, run of the mill, scrape goop off of glass razor blades...he brought me box cutter! Now hey, I will admit, I can get pretty crafty with the tools I have on hand, but for this just wouldn't do! So I sent him back--which is what I think he had planned all along!

A Winter Calamity

As we were driving out of the cul de sac this past weekend we noticed that our neighbors trampoline had bit the dust. They leave it up and together all year long, and this year with all of the snow, the frame finally buckled. It's a death that is just killing my kids! There is nothing in this world they want more than a real life, BIG trampoline--not the mini trampoline we have in the basement. Although, I have to say--they adored that thing for the longest time. But as with all things--they've grown up to bigger ideas of fun! I'm not sure I would ever get a full sized trampoline--both my husband and I were hurt when we were younger jumping on's a wonder we are both still around!

"Wild Man" Off The Market

There is a man at my husbands hotel that is finally getting married. We aren't really sure where he met this woman, but she must be amazing if Doug is willing to settle down. He is a wild man! He's always been so much fun because he's so crazy! He's the type of guy that would have a beer pong table in his living room. We've been invited to the wedding, and my husband even a garnered an invitation to the Bachelor Party (so not sure he's allowed to go!!), but I'm just stumped as to what to get them. Do you go traditional? Do you go wild and crazy? Do you go the easy out with cash?? Honestly, I'm just praying that they register because I'm clueless!

Sick Kids

We have had a house full of S.I.C.K.!! It seems never ending at times, but honestly yesterday was the worst! The flooring in the kids room, the hallway, the kitchen and the entire bathroom have been plastered! I'm about ready to burn the joint down, and start from scratch! But even that is too much work for this overworked body!! Maybe I'll just invent some self cleaning bathroom fixtures and call it good!

The hubby and I have been lucky thus far, but I have to tell you, I just talked to him and he isn't feeling so hot! Here we go again!