Thursday, October 4, 2007

Viagra Availability

I find life trends so amazing. You read in the bible about men aging and having kids when they are 700 years old! Yet only a decade ago, men would lose the ability to sire offspring at a much younger age. The sex drive that is so rampant when they are younger is still there--maybe not as rampant--but in existence. But the ability to act upon the desire was not there. Until the creation of the little blue pill! Can you imagine how that has changed the life of millions of aging men everywhere?

I think it's funny to think of an old man such as Hugh Hefner with his three bimbo girlfriends and he's admitted to using the pill. Honestly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about--it's age people! I'm just glad there is a cheap viagra out there so that men from all walks of life can find that same fulfillment in their old age! If you are looking for an online pharmaceutical option for purchasing your pills--you will definitely want to check out, they have a comprehensive list of reputable online pharmacies to make your online purchases more convenient and safe.

I've Missed Them All

I have always looked forward to the fall season for all of the new schedules to come out on TV. I have my favorite shows that I've been waiting for. But during their hiatus' I've seemed to lose track of them. I haven't watched one new season premiere or even series premiere at all. I did want to catch the one with Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton--but apparently that one was on last night--and I missed it to!

I really have been out of the loop lately! I'm never in my bedroom long enough to set up the Tivo--let alone watch anything I would have had recorded! I'm hoping life slows down really soon!

Tequila Time

Do you enjoy a good drink? Is your taste a little more refined than that of a beer chugging, tequila shooting frat boy? Is so, then you are definitely going to want to check out The Tequila Guy! This is a website for the connoisseurs of all things Tequila. There are restaurants restaurants and even featured recipes. My husband makes a killer Tequila Lime Shrimp. He sautees garlic and shallots with lime juice and some tequila. Throws in his shrimp--tosses it--flames it and then serves it over Spanish rice. Let me tell you--it's TO DIE FOR!!

Although Blue Agave is the best tequila (if you ask him) his personal favorite is/was Porfidio. It's been awhile since he's had it and apparently there was a problem (?) in the village where it was made--and all of the Agave plants were cut down, so he's not sure they still make it! You know--I should look around The Tequila Guy's website--I'm sure there has got to be something about this somewhere in it's headlines section!

The Kids

Tonight my husband got off early and decided it would be fun to just take the older kids out for some one on one "Dad Time". So he took the older three bowling. I was left home with 2 year old Brett--and honestly, I don't mind that. Like everyone says, he's a different kid when he's an only child! He and I took the dog for a walk and stopped at the park nearby. He loves the "sippy side", and has mastered the ladder getting up to it. We collected leaves on our way home, and then used some scotch tape as he proudly taped his treasures to the front window.

The older kids had a blast as well. I think Daniel ended up with the highest score--and Kate could only talk about the amazing pink ball she had. They all had fun and stopped for Ice Cream on the way home. I think it's funny how such little things can really just make a child's day!

I Missed On The Lights

Just after Christmas last year we started a little redo. I call it little--I called it little then and I still call it little--however, it encompassed the entire house! Most of the rooms "redo" only involved the carpet or floor coverings--but many rooms including the kitchen and all of the bathrooms had extensive work done. Out of the entire project the hardest thing to decided on (next to the kitchen tile) was the bathroom lighting. I didn't think it would be that hard-but oh my heavens. Not only because there are so many really nice choices--but every room is different. In fact, even now--we wish we had realized how dark the corner is by the shower, because now we are looking at either cutting a window back there ($$$$$) or having another light put in.

I found this really helpful lighting guide online, but sadly not in time for our redo. It would have saved me so much time--and even the problem that we are facing now.

If you are doing any type of bathroom remodel--you are going to want to check out that guide--it's amazing! From the styles of lighting available to lighting tips--it will save you so much hassle in the long run. Wish I had found it sooner!

My New Little Piece!!

I have a new blog going currently on my own domain. You can find it at Katerbug Blue and I love it! I'm using that little spot on the World Wide Web to just cover some fun outings and tourist spots that are available in the Chicago area. Honestly--It is more fun than I ever dreamed. What makes it really nice--it's keeping me on my toes to find fun events to take the kids to so that I can blog about them! I try to include pictures and links in every post--I hope you'll hop on over--and check it out! Especially if you live in the area or are visiting soon! I would love any and all fun ideas-Northern Illinois-wide--I'm game for just about anything!