Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Kids

Tonight my husband got off early and decided it would be fun to just take the older kids out for some one on one "Dad Time". So he took the older three bowling. I was left home with 2 year old Brett--and honestly, I don't mind that. Like everyone says, he's a different kid when he's an only child! He and I took the dog for a walk and stopped at the park nearby. He loves the "sippy side", and has mastered the ladder getting up to it. We collected leaves on our way home, and then used some scotch tape as he proudly taped his treasures to the front window.

The older kids had a blast as well. I think Daniel ended up with the highest score--and Kate could only talk about the amazing pink ball she had. They all had fun and stopped for Ice Cream on the way home. I think it's funny how such little things can really just make a child's day!


Arjen said...

It's great to allocate quality time for the kids, especially when they are on their teens already. It reminds them that parents can be cool too, and that they too can make ordinary times a little bit special.