Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finding A GOOD Vacuum

I've been online the last few days looking at, of all things, vacuum cleaners. I don't know what I want as far as bag or bagless--I just really want something that works longer than the 6 or 7 months we've gotten out of all of our vacuums over the past 5 years! Honestly, I don't know anyone who goes through vacuum cleaners as often as we do. But with two long haired dogs and 4 kids-I guess it really is put through a workout.

My husband would like a bagless vac-you know, cut down on some of the maintenance costs. I would like something like this Miele vacuum. It has a real "retro" look to it. I especially like the yellow one!

At this rate I should actually possess a new vacuum in 2 or 3 months!

Family Heirlooms

When my husbands grandfather died, each grandson was given an item of jewelry that the grandfather had owned. The eldest grandson got a gold and diamond watch. The middle son received his gold and diamond cufflinks and my husband was given a beautiful emerald and diamond ring. I don't know what the other brothers have done with their treasure--but I was surprised that my husband put the ring away. I figured it was handsome enough for him to wear-but he chose not to. I finally got around to asking him about it a few days ago--and it was nice to hear that since it was a gift passed on from a loving grandfather--he would like to have it to pass on to his sons and grandsons when they are older. He really wants to make it into a family heirloom, and I thought that was really sweet!

Becoming A Realtor

Our nephew just finished up his classes to become a real estate agent. He did really good and took it very seriously. He doesn't quite know where he wants to go from here--but being the good salesman that he is, I'm sure he'll do just fine.

I marvel at how much work goes into being a Realtor. Not only the knowledge of all things real estate, but they were with us for every appointment we had at the house before we closed. The appraisal, home inspection, final walk through--all of them. And none of these appointments were quick--the home inspection took nearly 4 hours--and he was there the entire time. I was just amazed! Here in Illinois everything at closing is handled by a Real Estate Attorney--but even at closing--our Realtor was right by our sides!

The Pumpkin Farm!!

What a fun day! We headed to the pumpkin farm nearby--and it was a blast! The kids rode a couple of the rides--one that looked really scary. It did create some "scared little girl" screams from the 10 year old--but so fun to watch! Kate loved the slide. It wasn't a hard rolling slide like you see at so many carnivals. This was a blow up one that literally bounced you from the top to the bottom. She couldn't get enough of that one. There were bumper cars and tilt a'whirls--so fun! The kids each chose a pumpkin. Daniel's was the biggest weighing in at 27 lbs, with Brett's being the smallest--about the size of a softball. They wanted cotton candy--but we decided that we would come home and make our own. Still--it was relatively inexpensive--and we had such fun!