Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Cousins

The house is super noisy right now--you never really know just how good that sounds!! We are visiting with my sister and it's her 4 kids against my 4 kids--and there is a thunder storm outside--so along with the noise of the kids--we get the booming noise of nature--and the pitter patter of rain on the windows. It really is refreshing!

What's really amazing is how dark it has gotten outside. It's only 4:25pm here, and it's as dark as it is at 9pm! So we are going to need to send them all downstairs to play in the playroom! Then we have to figure out what to feed these monsters--8 tummies are bound to be hungry!!

Both of our husbands are out tonight--working late-so we are having a cousin night out!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trip Planning!!

What a wild and crazy week it's been--and it's only Tuesday! I can't even begin to wonder what is ahead of me for the weekend! With an impending family trip--I have a ton of laundry and a ton of packing to do. We are going to leave Brett with my sister. He's just too little to take with us. He won't remember it anyway--and we want to stay on the move--and with nap times and strollers--that just isn't possible. Rob's offered to take Kate too-and we may take her up on that as the week progresses. NYC would be a lot easier for me with just the 10 year old and the 8 year old--Kate would love to get to play with her cousins full time too, so it's probably a great idea!!

Now I just have to find luggage--and get some laundry started!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Wow, what a great Father's Day it was. Like I had said earlier, we were going to head over to Rob's husbands restaurant and enjoy a pig roast. There was indeed a full 'gutted' pig roasting on the patio. All of my kids (but Kate) were completely enthralled by the entire event. I never even showed the pig to Kate due to the inability to eat pork after it--so she and I headed in to get seated while hubby and the boys watched the pig go round and round in circles.

It was a beautiful luncheon, buffets lining each wall of the private dining room. We sat with Rob and her kids as well as her in laws. It's kind of nice sitting at the table with the Chef's family. We got to meet the owners and their wives as well as some of the long time employees. It was really nice taking a peek into someone else's world for a while!

We got my husband a whole golf set up for his big day. I must say--we totally blew him away-he had no idea it was coming. Normally he gets the standard tie for work--so this was completely unexpected!

I just hope he truly felt how much we love and appreciate him--we certainly don't say it as much as it's deserved-that's for sure!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grandpa's Coming

Have you seen those commercials for Medicare supplement insurance? I have seen them often, but being in my late 30's, I never really thought about them. Turns out, in the next couple of months this family is going to find out a whole heck of a lot more about this type of info. My father in law is moving in with us, and will be in need of just this type of help. How glad I am that there are companies out there to make moments like these, just a little less stressful!

My stress aside, my kids are super excited about Grandpa moving in. He's getting older, but still has the strength to hit the front yard to toss a ball with the boys---or at least sit on the front porch and cheer them on. They don't have too many more years with this man, so I'm hoping that this time together will fill the rest of their lives with wonderful memories of this special man.

A Week Of Friends

We had a ton of "friend" time this week, with school getting out and church activities. But you know, everyone had a great time. We had 6 kids in the family room playing Rock Band on the Wii--and 4 more upstairs playing on the Play Station.

Are you ever embarrassed by the number of "toys" you have? The little ones playing the PS2 were getting really frustrated with the game they were playing and were starting to pester the older kids on Rock Band. Until I pointed to the obscene shelf full of PS2 games for them to choose from. I tried to explain to my friends (their mothers) that my husband really was like my oldest child. Hundreds of games purchased by him. They all concurred and laughed about it, but I wasn't about to mention that I had gotten him one of those Ps3 for Father's Day. I think that would make me an accomplice to the madness!!

This Weekend

Father's Day is next Sunday. We were going to hang out for a quiet dinner at home, but Rob just called and invited us to her husbands restaurant for a Pig Roast! How totally testosterone driven is that? Can you think of anything more fitting for Father's Day then roasting the kill over the flame? Collective caveman grunt goes here!

I think the kids will find that pretty exciting. Except for Kate--she won't even eat chicken since she found out it was literally a chicken. Man, I thought we covered that a long time ago-I guess not!

So Pig Roast--here we come! I hope my husband likes that-along with his whole golf set up--it's hiding at Rob's house--so he hasn't seen it yet-I love surprising him!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brookfield Zoo

Summer is here! Today was my kids last day of school. Rob's kids have school until Friday, and then it's only for an hour-so I think maybe afterward we'll head over to the Brookfield Zoo. We both have memberships for our families-so it's a free afternoon for us, and the kids love it.

They have a Family building where there are dress up's, and pet and hold stations, arts and crafts--feeding times. It really is a great "air conditioned" building for us all to hang out in. Their food is an arm and a leg, so we'll be sure to pack a picnic-there is a pavilion to eat in next to the Polar Bear area-it's outdoors, but it is very shaded.

I guess I should head to the grocery store for supplies!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Final Stretch

The count down has begun! School is out this Friday. I'm still just amazed at how quickly this day has come. I remember the first day of school so clearly. The kids were so cute, we all walked together with the neighbors. So grown up! They have really done well in school this year. Jake has really excelled in all of his subjects. Especially after such a rough start in Math, but he's passed that and is really showing that shy confidence of his.

Daniel is just an all around brilliant little guy. He always has been-and he's a class favorite. His teacher actually got teary last week when I was talking to her about the end of the year activites. She has grown close to all of the kids-but has a special spot for Daniel. That always makes life easier--when your kids do well in school. Not just academics--but socially and behaviorally--I'm really lucky! I just wish they acted this way at home!