Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Wow, what a great Father's Day it was. Like I had said earlier, we were going to head over to Rob's husbands restaurant and enjoy a pig roast. There was indeed a full 'gutted' pig roasting on the patio. All of my kids (but Kate) were completely enthralled by the entire event. I never even showed the pig to Kate due to the inability to eat pork after it--so she and I headed in to get seated while hubby and the boys watched the pig go round and round in circles.

It was a beautiful luncheon, buffets lining each wall of the private dining room. We sat with Rob and her kids as well as her in laws. It's kind of nice sitting at the table with the Chef's family. We got to meet the owners and their wives as well as some of the long time employees. It was really nice taking a peek into someone else's world for a while!

We got my husband a whole golf set up for his big day. I must say--we totally blew him away-he had no idea it was coming. Normally he gets the standard tie for work--so this was completely unexpected!

I just hope he truly felt how much we love and appreciate him--we certainly don't say it as much as it's deserved-that's for sure!!