Monday, November 2, 2009

My Laptop Is Dead

My laptop is fried! I guess I was asking for it, when I let my kids play with it. But it's got too much information to just let it go. I've been looking into secure online backup. I don't know how long the process takes, or how many times my laptop will freeze before it's totally backed up. But it is definitely something that would save me so much time and stress. I don't know if it has a virus---and it won't keep itself running long enough to run a scan, and I do have to say---it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!

Purloined Pens

Do you have people in the office that steal all of the office supplies? I swear, my husband comes home from work every night with three pens. Each has the company name on them, so it's not hard to see where they are coming from. I wouldn't be surprised to find 20 or more of them in his drawer. But it really makes it nice when I can't find a pen--I know just where to look! Would it be too tacky to start requesting sticky notes?? I'm always needing those! :)

Christmas Past

My cousin posted a picture of herself from many years ago on Facebook. I couldn't tell how old she was, or if it was taken after they moved to Utah or in one of their Baltimore apartments. Turns out, it was her first Christmas after the move west. So I had definitely met her by then.

In the picture, she was 10 years old and holding up the baby doll that her mom had gotten for her for Christmas. Here she is 34 year old looking at this picture and wondering if 10 was too old to be getting excited about getting a baby doll for Christmas!