Friday, September 7, 2007

Living Room Lights

Do you love lighting? I am a big fan, and actually very picky about lighting in my own house. Sadly, when we were house hunting I failed to look past the excitement of the moment to notice that there were no over head lights in the living room. The family living there were using lamps--and it never occurred to me--until we moved in! I rushed to the store to pick up anything that would bring light to my room. Now, after 2 years--I'm actually shopping for lighting that I actually like. Currently I'm shopping Murray Feiss! I'm amazed at the beautiful works of art that the lamps are--but also the amazing price. I think this will prove to be a match made in lighting heaven!!

Paying The Piper

Have you ever taken out a payday loan? I find it so funny how people who are so desperate when they need one that they will sign the papers without really realizing that they will indeed have to cover the check they just wrote! Then when it comes time to pay the piper all they do is complain about how high the fees are. Do they not remember the happy dance they did last week? Our neighbors have been dying for cash flow the past few weeks, and were truly relieved to find this opportunity to get the cash they needed and not have to pay immediately. However, today--when the payment came due--it was nothing but non-stop pessimistic blather! Be happy someone was there to save your butt last week--and try harder to budget a little better next time! SHEESH!!

Helping With The Move

We have spent the last week helping my sister get settled into her new house. Well, settled isn't exactly the word for it because she isn't completely in yet. But as much as we could help with is now done, and I think I need to head in for a headache treatment! Moving is nothing but non-stop stress, and it really is exhausting whether it's your own move or if you are just helping someone else. I would love to hit a botox treatment for my headaches, nothing else seems to work right now, but I've heard amazing success stories with that. I think I should look up the pricing!