Monday, March 1, 2010

Making Business Better

I have been researching some business opportunities in our area, and you know I'm getting pretty good at it! Those nifty little buttons that say--click here to learn more--I LOVE them! I have found some free online classes in chocolate dipping as well as a free course at the local community college that fits right in with what I'm wanting to learn. With gas pricing starting to rise again--it's nice to find online educational helps that fit right in with my little niche business!

Cancer Clubbed

Has cancer touched your life? Last month at a fundraiser for a friend whose 8 year old son was just diagnosed with some horribly rare cancer the woman hosting the get together said something so true. We always say "cancer touched"--I opened this post with that---has anyone you love been touched by cancer? But what more appropriate is---Has anyone in you life had their life hacked up, spit out, stepped on and clubbed by cancer? It's a devastation that compares to nothing else. With all of different cancers out there these days, Breast, Prostate, Colon, Mesothelioma, Pancreatic, Brain, Blood--you name it--there is a cancer for everything. And it's just humbling when you think of the numbers. Is there really any way to combat such a villain?

Finding Help

Having suffered with acne most of my life, I am getting pretty tired of having to work on it. Why is it that some people just have perfect bodies and perfect skin. Then you get others with less than perfect bodies and terrible skin? I've been looking into "other" acne factors and found some information on food allergies and skin damage over at I'm not sure it will help with what I need---but every little bit of knowledge helps!

Or Just Good Lookin'

Is this winter weather killing everyone else? I mean, just as it feels like it's finally going to start warming up--it starts snowing again. Last Friday I saw patches of grass....GRASS! But by Sunday morning---we had another foot of snow. What is that? More than the cold--the dryness is killing my skin. I've been going through lotion, eye cream, and lip balm more than ever before, and my skin still doesn't feel normal. I can't imagine what people with Eczema must suffer through.

Lookin' Good

I've been starting to work with a new company for my health care supplies. I've enjoyed using some of their energy and cleaning products--but really would love to find acne pills that work. I mean, I'm 38 years old....and I still have facial problems! I was reading other people's blogs, and I can honestly say---I don't think I'm alone. Not that that makes me feel any better--but it is nice to know I'm not the only one!

Vancouver 2010

How were the Olympics for you? I didn't get to catch much--well, except for the USA hockey games. How exciting were they? The thing I noticed...there weren't any 'doping' issues mentioned. I don't know if that means the athletes are clean (doubt it) or if they've found something a little better for them to work as their testosterone booster.

I remember growing up and loving to watch the Olympics. However, becoming the 'adult' I've noticed that it doesn't leave much time for TV watching. Which is too bad, I hear there were some amazing moments!


What a crazy month! You know I've been waiting for February hoping that life would slow down just a bit...but it hasn't! Between family, school and health problems--it's been one of the busiest months ever! You can probably tell by the length of time between posts, eh! I just wish I had an energy auditor to let me know how much I'd be using every day in order to store some up!

Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day were very big in our "business"--so I'm really glad those are over! However, I will miss the income from them!