Monday, March 16, 2009

Crazy Kids

Do you have kids that forget everything? I ask everyday before we leave the school--do you have all of your homework? Yes, Mom! Only to come home and find out--we are missing our reading book! Today my son's class has music. They are learning to play the recorder. Last night as I was doing some last minute straightening before bed--I made 2 piles on the couch. 1 for each boy. The pile included, clothes for that day, snack for that day--and homework, books, RECORDER, etc that needed to be put in their backpack before they leave. All of it--right there!! So they are ready to walk out the door, and I ask one last time--do you have everything you need for a Wednesday? Yes, mom--comes the answer. I walk back into the house--across the living room and into the family room. There sitting on the couch is my son's recorder and his snack!

So I ran them to the door-but the car pool lady had already left. So I had to jump in the car and race them to school. I got there shortly after the bell rang--but before the pledge of allegiance. So I waited until the pledge and the announcements were done--and I had him paged to the office. It was only as I was walking out of the school that I realized--I was wearing my slippers!! mmmmm hmmmm, I looked like an out of control mom!!

Field Trips

My oldest's class has a field trip today! They are heading up to the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort to see the play-The Wizard of Oz. It sounds like fun. I've been to the resort-but not to the play house. It is quite far from home--and they are going by school bus. I HATE school buses. Not that I think he's in any danger--I just remember hating the smell of the school bus. Too many kids cooped up in a small space--smelly.

He's looking forward to it. He has this field trip, and then Spring Break--and then a second field trip the week they get back from Spring Break. It seems like a lot--but they are the only two weeks available for the trips. So they will finish up all of their field trips for the year--in a three week period. I can't believe the school year is almost over! Once you hit Valentine's Day--Easter is right around the corner-and once you hit Easter---it's OVER!! Easter is only a couple of weeks away! That is amazing to my brain!

The Question Is Answered

Finally--we know the answer to the age old question... what do men wear under those kilts! Well, for these two anyway, the answer is as everyone has always hinted- NOTHING! How funny-er, embarrassing!

Now I know, it's somehow freeing to 'go commando' but honestly--being a woman--and knowing that certain 'northerly' body parts need constant support to avoid sagging---doesn't a mans 'southerly' body parts need some sort of support? I look at this picture, and I see ... chafing!!

And what is even funnier...the man's kilt is being blown upwards by walking over the vent in the street--hence the man in front of him has his kilt in the air as well-- so does that mean that every person sitting in this section of the parade route got this same view of every man in the bagpipe section? No wonder someone had time to catch a picture--there were at least four bare butts before this poor victim of the air vent!!