Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Straw Poll!!

I just took a Conservative Straw Poll. I was happy to see my first choice doing really well--not first--but not fifth either!! I thought it would be fun to post it, just because it's specifically directed toward bloggers--and since all of you blog--or read them--it's perfect for you!!

Leave me a comment and let me know who got your vote!! I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!!


I have a new domain all my own! I know--these days, who doesn't? But I have to tell you-I never thought I would. My sister has had one for nearly 9 months and has loved it. I'm a little more reserved on the technical aspect of the world, but we did it. Rather she did it-but it's up and I can start posting on it! I chose my nickname, KaterBugBlue.com, and now I'm just working with my sister to get the theme of my dreams up and running! So check back soon--and see what you think!

First Day Of School

You can't tell--but at this moment I'm doing a little "Happy Dance"! I know--I shouldn't be so happy--but it's the kids first day of school--and I have to tell you----------------It's AWESOME!!
Yes I do understand that the first day of school can drive some mothers to tears. Thoughts of the past summer spent with their children in some idyllic setting day after day, only to lose their cherubs to the harsh ordinariness of school. They are better moms than me! No really, I'm happy to admit it. I adore my children! I love spending time with my children! The problem is--they have no desire to 'hang out with mom' so I just generally end up cleaning up the messes that my kids make in their funnel cloud from the kitchen to the back door! If I have to bleach my counter top one more time to get the cherry popsicle drips off--I think I'll scream!

So yes, it was sad---even more expensive--but they are at school until 2:40--and my kitchen is CLEAN!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Eye Of The Dolphin Was Great

You know how you eagerly anticipate something and it never lives up to what you think it will be? I can think of several books and movies that are just like that--but what was new--I have been waiting for Eye of the Dolphin to come out forever!! From the first time I heard about it--I've been waiting. Yes, I'm a huge fan of all things Oceanic and the Bahamian Island theme was just an added bonus.

This was a great movie! Everything you have heard about it---is true. Rarely do I come away from a movie with the thought that I can't wait to see it again, but that was how it was with this. The message was so beautifully portrayed, that you literally cared about these people, and it's almost haunting when you leave the theater and find yourself throughout the day thinking of these people and places as if they were in existence today!

If you are looking for a truly inspirational film--this is it! Take the family--and sit back for a wonderful ride.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Own .Com

I've been working all morning on doing the one thing I vowed I would never do! I'm so illiterate in all things technical, that I'm amazed this blog has been up and running as long as it has. My sister got her own domain back in February, and I've been dragging my feet. In March we found a site that would let us register our domain names for free, so I thought what the heck, I'll take it for free. But then we realized that it required hosting with the company that gave it to us, which was fine since that was free too. The problem came when we realized that we couldn't put a blog on the website. So we needed to cancel our domains, and wait for them to come available again. I chose my nickname as my .com back then, and here we are 4 weeks later and my name still hasn't been released for re-purchase yet. I'm bummed, but I will either come up with a name kind of like the .com I want and then get the one I want when it opens up-or just sit and wait until it does. As of right now, I think I'm better off waiting just because I'm clearly not proficient enough to do this myself!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Chocolate Factory

I just found out that there is a chocolate factory near here--and they offer free tours and samples. It's in Long Grove, Illinois--and it sounds like something my kids would really enjoy. Ok, so I'm pawning it off on my kids--but really--we drove all the way to Wisconsin to see the Jelly Belly Factory--and this is an hour closer! We are going to Wisconsin next Thursday--so I'm thinking we'll try to make an appointment for a tour on Monday or Tuesday.

If any of you in the Chicago area are interested, it's Long Grove Confectionary Company and tours are available Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 1 pm.

I can't wait!

Wisconsin Dells!!

Next weekend is the final weekend before school starts, so we thought we take the kids and get-away. We are heading up to Wisconsin Dells. We have never been there-but it is apparently--THE place to go. There are a lot of really fun things to do--I'm mostly looking forward to the indoor water park. I do not enjoy being out in the sun--my eyes just really don't enjoy the squint--and the wrinkles around my eyes are already far too progressed for someone my age! Plus, with the indoor water park--there is no need for sunscreen! I can't think of anything better! Well, except maybe room service's breakfast in bed!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

School Supplies

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for school supplies. We have a couple of weeks until school starts but at Walmart--boxes of crayons that go for $2.50 normally were 20 cents each! I bought 5 and will probably go back for more! Filler paper was also 5 for $1.00. I couldn't believe it! I got a ton of supplies that we won't need--but I couldn't resist the price!

Then we met my sister and her kids and spent the evening swimming. It was warm and cool--and very refreshing. An ice cream cone on the way home topped off a really good day!

But He's A Mormon

I find it so interesting that the only thing people talk about when discussing Mitt Romney is his religion. How it will affect the White House, his Presidency, his stand in the global community. I find this tremendously funny. He is a good man, he is an impressive businessman. He came in in the middle of the failing Salt Lake 2002 Olympics amid scandal and financial problems--and turned it, not only in the HUGELY successful Olympics that it was, but also a profitable one.

What people need to remember when you hear the word Mormon in relation to our politicians. They are just like every other religion--you will have good ones and you will have bad ones--you will have those that are for abortion and those that are against it---those that are for tax increases across the board--and those that are against it. Mormonism is what makes the man--not anything that they bring into the office--want some proof? Well, HE'S Mormon too!!

This is of course, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid--and even though he doesn't act like it in Washington, on TV or in any other time in his life...He is the same religion as Mitt Romney. One just lives it a little better than the other one!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

PR Update

The whisperings have turned into mumbling, and the mumbling has taken voice! Everyone all over the blogosphere seems to be holding their collective breath--has the Google update begun?? Everyone claims to be seeing their numbers changing--some up--some down--some both--and then there is me! My poor little old blog here has remained a PR3 from the very first update it went through nearly a year ago! I can't complain--many friends of mine lost a point or two-so to simply remain at three is a happy thing in my mind! Of course, who isn't wishing for something just a little higher!!


Today was a downpour! So instead of going out for a fun afternoon, we decided that we would stay in, pop popcorn, and let the kids find a movie that they would enjoy watching.

Much to Kate's chagrin, the boys chose TMNT and then invited the neighbor boy over to watch it with them. I didn't stay with them, as the movie holds ZERO interest from me--but I could here them laughing and commenting from the other room.

Afterwards I was rewarded with three ninja imitating young men just a little doped out on Popcorn and Soda Pop! I think tomorrow will be a quiet day at home--ALONE!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Going To Kill My Sister

Yep, she's toast! She's been sick for nearly 3 weeks, and as miserable as she has been-she has continued to function in her daily life. Well, today--I have come down with her mystery illness! I do not have 3 weeks to devote to this 'bug' so I am off to the doctor for antibiotics tomorrow!

Katie is still sick from yesterday, and I'm wondering if I may have what she has-although, she is feverish and sick to her stomach. Whereas, I'm coughing and hacking and stuffed up! So coincidence as it may be with my daughter--I'm still blaming my sister!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lincoln Park Zoo

We are going to head to the zoo with my sister and some family members in town for the weekend. Last week we went to the Brookfield Zoo, and tomorrow it is the Lincoln Park Zoo--both are fun--but Lincoln Park is free--and for me-I generally live in the Sea Otter Cavern because it's air conditioned! I plan to hang out there with my snow cone while everyone else checks out the other animals. Should be fun--and I will put up lots of pictures!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Where Are They Now?

Have you ever looked up people from high school to see if they show up on the internet? It's a lot easier to do with the guys since their names don't change--but I was surprised to find this:

The guy in the black shirt holding roses with Kenny Rogers arm around him--that's Erik--he was my Senior Class President when I was in High School in little old Kaysville, Utah! He and a friend wrote the song "Buy Me A Rose" that was a chart topper for Kenny Rogers.

Sadly, I've never heard the song--but it's just amazing to my brain that here is this 'guy' from high school--and he's all hangin' out with Kenny Rogers! Just weird what we all grow up to be!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Downtown Chicago

Today I drove to downtown Chicago to take my friend to see her divorce attorney. Parking is such a joke and if you can't find a meter there are parking garages that cost $26! So for a trip downtown for 5 minutes to drop papers off--it was much easier for me to take her and then circle the block a few times while she ran up what she needed to.

I don't mind driving downtown--a lot of people have a problem with it--but it's really fun to be in the city where there is so much atmosphere and so many landmarks. I really only made it around the block twice before she was ready to be picked up, but I got to see the old Chicago Theater, Millennium Park, the skyline and on the way home we even passed the United Center. Nothing huge, I know, but when you live in the suburbs you forget just how cool the big city can be!